Buy Ukrainian wife

Where can i buy a wife

Ukrainian wife – is it a dream or reality for a foreigner? What are they willing to go in order Ukrainian becomes his wife? Slavic men at a loss, there are a lot of girls in the country, but it is impossible to find a wife.

That is why because the girls are no longer interested in their grooms, they are so greedy for.

Here are today among foreigners the question of buy ukrainian wife is very common? It seemed a strange question, how can buy a person, because we do not have slavery and person can not be anything forced to oblige. But there it was, Ukrainians themselves, consciously go to this.

If we talk about pricing, the British and American suitors are paying a lot of money for picking up a wife from the former Soviet Union, including Ukraine, for them. For example, if to take the big cities of Ukraine, the cost of picking up will cost between two and a half to four and a half thousand dollars. Western media call this fact about Ukrainian girls no other way, as the “sale of cattle.”

This point is very hurt the Ukrainian people, but not the girls themselves. They position themselves and they are not concerned about how people respond about them.

Today buy Ukrainian wife is very simple. There are specialized dating agencies, which organize a mass demonstration for their clients. Mostly such shows are attended by foreigners coming of age, many of them are widowed and wealthy businessmen.

These dates are arranged in this way: about thirty foreigners pick a wife among the two hundred and fifty of Ukrainians. As practice shows, each of them seeks to be chosen, it can be said due to their behavior and a twinkle in their eyes.

Curator of the foreign agency offers foreigners to visit Ukraine to enjoy the sights of the country, enjoy the beauty of cities and Ukrainian women. This approach is very valid for foreign suitors, they are ready to buy ukrainian wife, as they consider Slav as a best wife.

According to the Americans, we can see that they like submissive girl who used to respect family values, and a little old-fashioned.

In Europe and America it is very difficult to find such a woman, as most of them are not used to this. Almost every foreigner primarily cares about his career and looks. They strive for equality between men and women, and the old moral principles do not suit them.

And as submissive wives are looking by the men of advanced age, in their countries they will unlikely meet a girl.

In turn, Slav concerned about the degradation of their men. According to them, they abuse alcohol and may even beat a wife. That is why, they agree to be “sold” if only marry a foreigner.

Where can i buy a wife

First, when foreign suitors began to give up in their girls, they did not know how to behave and who to ask for help in finding the Slavic wife. At first they registered on dating sites, appealed to the Ukrainian marriage agencies, but such search had no results.

Basically, there are few normal girls in the network that focus on family life. The girls that are registered on the network, want only money and gifts from the foreigners.

And as the grooms are the men of the old school, for them the main thing is to see live person to understand its essence.

Over time, such questions as, where can i buy a wife began to appear in the network, and some agencies have realized that it is profitable and have started to work in this direction.

When this area of ​​activity gained momentum, it has caused outrage in the Western media. As it seemed to them, that such activity is very similar to the human trafficking. And since the entire West is fighting for equality, it is clear that such “love” upset them. They also wrote that the Ukrainian should reflect on their behavior and tried to open their eyes, that they just use them and earn money.

But, unfortunately, Slav did not pay attention to it, also because they do not read the Western press. A desire for the so-called better life turned out to be much higher than moral principles.

Accordingly, such turn in the seeking of women makes foreigners happy, because they no longer need to search on the net where can i buy a wife, everything was much easier.

They appeal to the agency in their country, set the parameters and go to the Ukraine as tourists and choose a potential wife.

Ukrainian girls, in their turn, are also pleased with this approach. Because we all know that the Slav intelligence is not very high, and sometimes it is difficult for them to look for a groom in network. It is easier to show themselves, in order men look at them and appreciate their appearance.

This “business” can be both judged and approved, in this situation, there will always be people who are for and against. That is why, finally, I want to add, be respectful to yourself and stick to a little moral principles that you have implemented for life.

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