Buy citizenship

Buy citizenship

Citizenship for everyone – it is a necessity, because it opens up many opportunities in front of the man. But it also happens that people have no citizenship and are looking for ways how to get it. Basically, his absence is observed in people who come from Third World countries, but you can get it in different ways. If the person is an adherent of the law, it will be to contact the embassy of the country where located, but not everyone wants to do it, so look for a way to buy citizenship.

It seemed that, so it’s impossible to do, but experience has shown that illegal immigrants make good on this, avoiding a lot of laws. It should be noted that selling fake passports to citizenship for more money, but to get it officially is much cheaper.

Why buy citizenship? On this question there is only one answer, so the process of getting much faster and does not require any official statements. More often resorted to this method, people who have some difficulties with the documents or have a questionable past.

Buy citizenship can be a variety of ways, for example, via the Internet. Unfortunately, with the advent of the World Wide Web a human life, it is not only easier for her but also brought a lot of problems. For example, with the advent of the internet there are many scams; one of them is with citizenship.

It should also be noted that the cases of citizenship buying more frequent in recent years, as the citizens of the country who have unstable economic situation, are trying by all means to go abroad. Practice shows that in Ukraine there are many people who are engaged in the illegal sale of passports.

As turned out to get a passport, you can in a few days and most interesting is that with such documents want to go abroad. But, if the passport is purchased on the “black market”, when checking the documents a person has a lot of problems, and, of course, be followed by arrest.

There is also another side to this situation, you can buy nationality and officially, although very few people talk about it. It should be noted that such an opportunity is given only to wealthy people who can invest their finances in something in the country.

Talking about this process in more detail, it must be said that very few countries provide people with the opportunity. If you go into the numbers, all they can count about a dozen. Most of all in this part of Cyprus and the Caribbean. Why are these countries so interested in this issue, we will discuss below.

First you need to add that the procedure is not so simple. To buy nationality you will need a large amount of money in each country it is different from the two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars and ending with millions of euros.

Everything will depend on the selected country. The money, which we have written above, will need to invest in investment. This may be a commercial area or medicine. Also, there are countries that offer to open a business and provide jobs to citizens of the country in which you have moved.

In turn, the state provides you the possibility of visa-free travel to almost one hundred and twenty countries around the world are included in this list and the Schengen and America. You do not pay taxes and receive the citizenship of all members of your family, and insurance respectively. Basically the family is two adults and two children up to the age of eighteen.

There is a type of investment which does not extend to all the years away, but only for a certain time it is often five years. In this case the situation is as follows. You are investing in a company or you give a five-year citizenship and all of the above rights. After this period, the acquired property is resold and canceled citizenship.

In general, then this is a very controversial issue when it comes to this form of obtaining citizenship. There Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, which provides this type of service, but some countries disagree with their activities, because they believe that terrorists and other dishonorable people can go to any country.

This question is quite controversial, because not everyone who has the money can obtain citizenship in this way. When to apply for its receipt, the person starts to check. The procedure is quite complicated, as the check on the applicant’s conviction and his closest relatives. But, and here I must say that there are loopholes that circumvent the laws.

From the above we would like to add that it is best not to buy citizenship, and get him more used methods. For example, such as leave for training, and then you open a lot of opportunities, or to get a job in the country where you want to live.

And if you dare, and in this way to obtain citizenship, be vigilant and not to circumvent the law.

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