In Lviv you can apply for Ukrainian passport in 15 minutes

how to get ukrainian passport in less than 15 minThe State Migration Service of Ukraine has opened a document processing center in Lviv, which will prepare documents for obtaining Ukrainian passport in 15 minutes.

The center is located at 71 Chuprynky Street, Lviv.

Spending less than 15 minutes, people will be able to apply for a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad and an ID-card. There will be 8 workstations available, which will provide up to 200 administrative services per day. For the convenience of the citizens in the center there is a place for rest and a playground for children.

Schedule: Monday to Friday from 09.00 till 18.00 without a lunch break.

Biometric passport of Ukraine can be issued only personally and only in one of three institutions: in the department of State migration service of Ukraine, in the center of administrative services, or in the service center “Passport service”.

Do not use the services of any intermediaries, including for outsourcing documents.

Today, to obtain the service of issuing passports, both internal to travel abroad, it is enough to register in the electronic queue on the website of the State Migration Service of Ukraine and to choose the convenient time and date of the visit to the SMSU office.

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