Antiscam agency in Ukraine

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Fraud in Ukraine gets capabilities and forces every day. We can not say already that Ukraine is a small country that is underdeveloped. Fraudsters, as in other countries, are operating in the Ukrainian network and on the street. It has become a big problem for the masses, that is why it is necessary to know who is struggling with such criminals in the country.

Since there are a lot of types of fraud, and they show up every day, the Ukrainian authorities and the police are trying to deal with the problem of the twenty-first century. But we want to assure you that the number of solved cases is very low. All this is because there are very few specialists in Ukraine in this field. And not knowing how to approach this case, it simply gather dust in the archives.

Therefore, in order to prevent the crime rate, independent antiscam agency is created in Ukraine.

Our company Ā«Ukrainian-passportĀ» is a part of these independent companies. Our main task is to check the authenticity of Ukrainian passports.

It’s not a secret that fraud through online dating with foreigners thrives in this country. Girls massively cheat foreign citizens, and lure their money and expensive gifts. As proof, they send copies of passports, which are not always real.

Twelve hours is enough for our company, or even less, to check sent documents. We work directly with the police of Ukraine and its law enforcement agencies. Therefore, checking of the passport passes through them.

Not only women, but also a lot of people are trying to make fake passports, that is why for fast and efficient testing, we recommend our company to check the document.

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In addition to this service, as we enter the list antiscam agency in Ukraine, we offer also the following services:

  • Check the Ukrainian agency and dating sites;
  • Check the employment in the Ukraine;
  • Check the biographical data;
  • Organize a safe trip to the Ukraine;
  • Do the check of the name;
  • Check the reliability of Ukrainian companies with which you want to work.

All of these services help foreign nationals in traveling, collaboration and safe journey to this country. For every foreign citizen want to visit a foreign country and do not suffer.

Antiscam agency in Ukraine helps everyone to everyone. We worry about that no one and nothing could spoil your impression of this country. But remember that in any case you need to be careful and cautious, so you do not feel sorry for what you did.

Latest internet scam

New types of fraud in the World Wide Web is invented every day, they are so bright, but at the same time simple that sometimes it is not clear how a person could get on this type of fraud. But the simpler method, the easier it is to convince the person to its credibility.

Latest internet scam is phishing and fraud on dating sites. These two examples are the most sensational in recent years. After all, all of them current population of the planet suffer from it. Scammers are not limited to their country, they let their horses across the network.

Theft of personal data of a person today has become a big problem. People no longer trust even legal resources. This type of fraud has a negative impact on businesses, online retailers and banks. In connection with this situation, these institutions are losing millions of dollars each year.

But the attackers did not stop on this and improve the daily phishing and develop new strategies. That is why it is very difficult to provide any of their next trick. Although companies warn their customers and constantly talk about personal data security rules.

Since the level of cybercrime is growing in many countries, and the case is practically not disclosed, that is why such scammers are everywhere. Unsolved cases exist for the reason that there are no experts in this direction in the law enforcement agencies, and also because that people do not believe in the disclosure of the case and simply do not apply to the service.

As for online dating, the scheme by which act mainly women from the post-Soviet countries is very simple and known to all, but at the same time every day dozens of foreigners fall for this fraud.

Latest internet scam in the dating field is a serious fraud of foreigner by Ukrainian girl for a large sum. On average, she was able to lure about ten thousand dollars from a foreign groom in a short period.

Such examples can direct by thousands, as foreigners even created a site where they lay out the real stories and excerpts from correspondences with Slavic girls. This list also contains marriage agencies.

Remember that modern users need to be extremely careful in the network that is why if you are not sure in something, please contact us and we will be happy to help you to sort out this issue.