How can I get an American Passport?

How can I get an American Passport

Passport – is an essential document that is necessary for each person to confirm his identity. There are two types of passports, the first – it is a state, a second foreign. We know that many people in former Soviet countries are wondering how can I get an American Passport?

To begin to answer this question, we need to understand why this country is so interested in them? I must say that America is a country of great opportunities. It draws its laws, the level of earnings and mentality. Many people want to become citizens of this country, and therefore are wondering how can I get an American Passport?

There are several ways to obtain such a document, and we will now consider the legal aspects, but also illegal, that is trying to take advantage of a lot of enemies.

  1. Birthright

Each and every child who gives birth in the United States of America acquires the citizenship automatically. I must say that if it Randel illegals, then citizenship will not be affected. The only exception – it’s the diplomats.

  1. Naturalization

It is a process by which a person for five years lives, works and does not violate the law, may apply for a passport.

  1. Investment in the economy

The US government is interested in that drove people in their country who can give something to the country, so they have a program for the acquisition of citizenship through investment. What do I need? First of all you need to invest not less than five hundred thousand US dollars in economic development. It may be industrial plants or other enterprises. Accordingly, you are given a green card, with which you can stay in the territory for two years.

When the card expires, you have another opportunity to invest your money, and then you get a permanent place of residence, which gives the right after five years to obtain citizenship.

  1. Military Service

You have the right to enter military service in the US, and one year to apply for citizenship. I must say that the military more privileges, since they are also exempt from tax. Is interviewed military can, in any country where there is the Embassy of the United States of America, and in the same place to take the oath?

  1. Citizenship through marriage

A man or woman can be married to a citizen of the United States. When the family is three years, the person can apply for a passport; you need only to prove that the marriage was not a sham. To do this, you may require joint photographs, tickets and more.

Above, we talked about getting legitimate US passport and think that we were able to answer your question how can I get an American Passport? But to all the above, we want to add that a lot of people mistakenly faced with scams that offer to receive a document over a certain amount. We told them how much money should be for this, and we must remember that it is not granted a passport, but only green card and permanent residence.

This caution we have indicated for those people who are going to move to America. But Americans should be careful, because a lot of trying to take a moment to obtain citizenship through marriage.

The most common point – is when Slavic girls get acquainted with foreigners and leave them abroad. And when they get citizenship they may simply seize the property, and you are left with nothing.

In the necessary vigilance, so pay attention to what you write, and what options you are offered a passport.

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