Airport scenarios of dating scammers

airportStrange things happen at airports. Recently, we’ve noticed more and more fraudulent schemes related to airports. It’s like an enchanted place!

Typical scam scenarios

A man meets a girl from Ukraine or Russia on a dating site. She asks him in detail about what he likes in women and adapts to what he needs – tunes the results to his patterns. It’s like polling prior to elections, when political parties promise things that society likes the most.

She gently leads him for some time, wins his trust, and shows him her love and tenderness. She says she has already talked about him with her friends and even with her parents. Everyone around notices how much she has changed… She has never looked as happy as now, bla bla bla…

These positive waves are in dissonant to her hard life. In the country where she lives (usually it’s Russia or Ukraine), it’s so difficult: the salary is low, the boss is constantly demanding something, she works like a dog, saves every penny and barely cuts a minute a day to run into an Internet cafe to chat with her man and say how much she loves him.

And all that, this atmosphere, slowly but surely leads the victim to realize that this is his unique chance. This is happiness. Jackpot! The beauty, the girl of his dreams, all friends will be jealous, and most importantly – she is ready to move in with you just right yet.

At this point, the victim swallowed the hook and it’s time for the fraudsters to milk the cow.

She is ready to come. And since she gives herself to you (the most precious thing), you will have to pay for everything else. The standard set is: making a passport to travel, tickets to America, train tickets to Moscow, medical certificate (COVID), visa application, paper work, etc. And of course, the fake tour agency will take care of it. Don’t worry and relax: she has already prepared a Photoshopped contract with this agency.

And this is only the beginning, my friend.

The moment of truth: she is at the airport. You are salivating for a bite because the desert is near. That’s what you think. And here she is, in all her glory.

Option 1. She was robbed.

Right at the airport, some bad people hit her on the head and took all the money. And before that she borrowed that money, took a loan from a bank, took her mother’s last pension, sold a kidney, etc. Your baby was already in the hospital, she was interrogated by the police and all of Moscow is looking for those villains who stole her purse.

She announces the amount to you, and assures that if you pay it, everything will be OK again.

But the whole point is that it won’t be OK. Never. In no case, under any circumstances. And even if you pay, there will always be a new reason why she can’t leave, being just a step away from you.

The truth is, she was not going to go anywhere. The maximum she really did was get to the airport and take a selfie to send it to you. Her plan did not include leaving her home at all. It’s not personal Sonny it’s strictly business.

Option 2. Confirm financial solvency.

For a few months she’s been shitting your brain telling in detail in which pocket of suitcase she will put her pajamas. But somehow, casually, she forgot one little thing: when crossing the border, she seems to need to show that she has enough money to stay in America for the time she will be there.

All right, my friend, you’re up! You are her hero.

She is extremely sorry, because you have already done so much for her. She’s ashamed, but she has already left everything and everyone to be with you. Only you can save her and borrow a certain amount of money (usually an appetite around $ 1,200).

As soon as the money goes to the specified account (Western Union, Moneygram, RIA, Worldremit etc), she will fly to you on the next flight out. And of course, she will give the money back.

If you take the bait and send money, what happens next is: either she will try to milk you a second time, inventing another lie, or she will just screw you – the contact will break and she will disappear.

But this story is far more interesting than that. If a person is traveling for a short time in the United States, it’s the task of the migration officer of the US Embassy during the visa interview to determine how much she can handle herself in the United States. And if not, she will never get a visa. That’s all you need to know about financial solvency.

Option 3. Debt.

At the passport control at the airport, the girl “suddenly” learns that she cannot be released from the country because she has an outstanding debt (a bank loan, an unpaid mortgage, a debt for utilities, etc.). This option promises the victim the greatest monetary loss.

One of our clients lost about $ 20,000 on this scheme. At first the swindler said that she needed 25% of the amount. Then she decided to sell the apartment, because she didn’t need it anymore. A new life is waiting for her in other country with this new man. Later still, she persuaded the victim to send her a significant amount of money in order to open a bank account, which could take 60 000 EUR for the sale of her apartment.

And the moral of the story is?

Always check the girls you meet online. Do not trust them and question everything they tell you. Yes, she will call you paranoid, she’ll be mad. But why should you be so worried about the thought of a person you’ve never seen before (a stranger to you)?

You want to know if she’s a scammer? Our company helps people to spot scammers from dating sites. We have the necessary experience, knowledge and tools. We can check her identity, the documents she provides, the intermediary companies she works with (tour company, translation agency, etc.)

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