In 2016 passports of a new sample will be issued to Ukrainians

new ukrainian passport 2016Ukraine will issue passports in form of a plastic card

The Migration Service of Ukraine worked out a plan of gradual substitution of the passports of a citizen of Ukraine for the ID-cards of the new sample, as the press service of the State Migration Service of Ukraine informs.

It will not be any compulsory substitution of old-sample Ukrainian passports for a plastic ID-card.

Gradual substitution of the old passports for the new ID-cards will take place within the next five years (2015-2020). Substitution of the passports-booklets for the plastic ID-cards will not be compulsory. The Migration Service will start implementing a new system in January 2016.

“At the first stage the plastic ID-cards will be issued free of charge to the persons after 14. The citizens applying to the Migration Service Departments for reissue of lost documents will also be offered to obtain the new passport-card and also a passport of a citizen of Ukraine to travel abroad”, – the press-service accents.

New Ukrainian Passport

The new Ukrainian passport will not contain information about person’s marriage and residence registration.

“The Migration Service will give appropriate extracts from the register to the citizens to confirm their place of residence. However, with the development of e-government and the sphere of administrative services after some time such a confirmation will not be required neither when applying to the authorities nor for banks,” – the Migration Service reports.

It was noted in the Migration Service of Ukraine that the main advantages of the new Ukrainian passport are its protection against forgery and opportunity to receive more administrative services through the Internet.

It is to be recalled, that in late July the Cabinet of Ministers has allocated 50 million hryvnias to the State Migration Service for implementation of a card system of a citizen of Ukraine.

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