Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating scams

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Photos of scammersSurname, nameScam schemeSamples of messages
Tatiana Kliuchka Forged Ukrainian passport: EK495610 Date of birth: Dec 03, 1981
Mariya Zuieva Forged Ukrainian passport: EH980788 Date of birth: Jan 21, 1987
Yulia Boyko Ukrainian passport: ET675102 Date of birth: Sep 09, 1983
Marina Abramchuk Abramchuk Marina. My address is 93100 Ukraine, Lysychansk, 40 lyet pobyedi 11/8. My phone number is +380506624945.
Olga Shardinsk Miss Olga, Shardinsk - Russia, Email address -
UPD: this is her new email, ,
Elena Unknown
Elena Grinchenko Miss Elena Grinchenko, Bakhmut, Lermontova str.11 - her other email
Tatyana Nezzabudka We only chatted and she sent me gorgeous professional modeling pics and proclaimed she wanted to be with me, but given I am 56, and not particularly good looking, I was suspicious, so I searched her email on google and found she was listed on here and on under the same email and same pics she is using with me, so I told her sorry, but I can no longer chat with her. I am sure she would have asked me to pay for translation service, or even send money had a kept chatting with her. I keep running into translation scams over there. She did not do anything wrong with me, but she seems too good to be true.Hi dear ____! I am very glad that you replied!! And of course I would like to know you better! I’m interested in everything about you! but you wrote so much compliments to me and forgot that you gave me your address on dating site? ;) that's little strange, but I want to sure you that you give me your address by yourself! and thank for your photos!!As I said, I'm a teacher! I teach Russian language and literature at a local school in Uglegorsk (Donetsk region, Ukraine). I have students from 5-7 grades. I love children, but this work takes all the strength and all the energy! This is crazy work! It has its pros and cons. The most difficult thing is to make those kids listen to myself, but this is one of the most amazing feelings - when a whole class of children listen to you, if they are not noisy, it means they are interested... I am glad to have this job, it gives me satisfaction of what I do... although it's very hard to do at war-torn region...In addition to the main work, I also engaged in social activities at school)) I organize camping, concerts where children perform, exhibitions of children's crafts - this is my hobby for life. But sadly since most places for camping become dangerous, and war territories it's not that fun any more ... I only have hope that someday life get back to norm ... And what you like to do? Do you like books, movies?Situation here is one more reason for me to look for man abroad, It is chance to change everything for myself, find love and get back to normal life ... yes, I had relations in past here but all is over not good way. .. I want to find man who will be honest and loving with me !! I want to be friend and love and have family ... all simple, but so hard to get ... what you think, Tracy?waiting for your soon reply!from Tatyana
Hanna Didenko Fake Ukrainian passport: EH976967 Date of birth: Sep 03, 1989
She wanted me to pay for her passport. Now she wanted me to pay for her visa, and her trip here to America
Natalia Tkachova