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Ganna Sushylnikova name: Ganna (Hanna) Sushylnikova maiden name: Ilnytska Hanna Yosypivna (divorced 5 years) address: Lenin street 2, Apartment 16, Stakhanov, Luhansk Region, Ukraine 94000 dob: January 1, 1971 email: mobile: 380 68 403 1352 occupation: school teacher in Stakhanov parent's city of residence: Rozkishne, Luhansk Oblast
Yelyzaveta Perkova Ukrainian passport number: EH078025 Date of birth: June 20, 1988 Ukraine, Kharkivskij Region, Pokrovsk Town, Street Kolosova, 12/09 She works at a floweriest place in Pokrovsk. Her mum is a teacher at a school, and her dad is a driver for some other company.
Marina Kislitsina As you already know, i am from Ukraine and i am living in a small town with very proud name of my town- Shakhtersk.I am living here my whole life. This is military zone in Donetsk region. I was born 7 of April and i am now 34 years old. Working here as a teacher at school, i teach Russian language and literature. I am working with kids 11-12 years old. I like work with kids!! They are great, but at the same time, it is very difficult. I am single now and i do not have my own kids. I was married before, but we are got divorce one year ago. I left my ex husband because he was very rude with me, do not respect me and one day he strike me when he was very drunk...
Svetlana Cochut She told me that she is doing her internship at Krasnokutsk Central Regional Hospital as a doctor "dentist". She is 26 or 27 years of age and her birthday is on the 7 February. Her address is, per.pionersky 2/4, Krasnokutsk Town, 62000 She told me that her name is Svetlana Kochut, this is what I send to her when transferring money. But I see on the fake letter she is also Yaroslavovna (ppt. no 72 4773017) She is also a candidate master of sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics. I have paid her over $2500 to get her VISA and to pay for her flight tickets
Nadiya Rudakova Ukrainian passport number: EK064107 Date of birth: July 06, 1991
Anna Pysarenko Ukrainian passport number: EH380308 Date of birth: Oct 10, 1987
Valentina Kashkina Ukrainian passport number: OH735824 Date of birth: Apr 07, 1987
Yaroslava Moiseenko Ukrainian passport number: DD550422
Date of birth: Aug 27, 1984
Ukrainian passport number: FK520352
Date of birth: Jul 21, 1987
Anastasiia Khlestova Ukrainian passport number: AK718834 Date of birth: Jan 04, 1987
Anna Doroshkova Ukrainian passport number: EH381956 Date of birth: Aug 23, 1988