Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating site scammers

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Photos of scammers Surname, name Scam scheme Samples of messages
Elena Lopatina Russian passport number: 71 6287489 Date of birth: Aug 07, 1981
Oksana Pavlova Ukrainian passport number: EE062377 Date of birth: May 06, 1988
Zhanna Melnichenko Ukrainian passport number: EH49706 Date of birth: Nov 11, 1986
Sarah Richards Ukrainian passport number: EH647583 Date of birth: Oct 29, 2984
Svitlana Didenko Ukrainian passport number: EM528257 Date of birth: Aug 22, 1988
Mariya Zima Ukrainian passport number: MH138458 Date of birth: Feb 01, 1990 My friend sent me a copy of her passport. Can you please help me to find out if this is a genuine passport?
Svetlana Epihina Passport number: FB000351 Date of birth: Jul 10, 1986 Another "passport" for a different name: Yermashova Svetlana Morning Svitlana, You don't have to be upset. If you want me to trust and believe in you, you need to show me that, and not by telling me im not. It is plain and simple, you need to show me that im talking to the real person as the photos you send me. If you don't, then I know that my feelings I have for you, was just for nothing.....and do you think that will be fair??? you make me very upset, and failed! I was waiting for you to understand and have been assured that you will help me pay for the treatment mom, but you're sorry, and money became more than that, you're still invented utter distrust of me !! apparently all your words-words to the wind !!!!
Yuliia Opanasenko Ukrainian passport number: EK404099 Date of birth: Oct 29, 1988
Maryna Golovko Ukrainian passport number: EH608642 Date of birth: Apr 20, 1981
Viktoriya Sabelnikova Ukrainian passport number: HV086210 Date of birth: Sept 08, 0985