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Photos of scammersSurname, nameScam schemeSamples of messages
Svetlana Nagornaya She pretends to be single. She has a boyfriend? fiancé. She will toy with your emotions and use you
Alena Alena Asks money for travel
Anastasiya Martynova Fake Russian passport: 75 8165720
Date of birth: Jul 16, 1974
Lipetsk city, 398026, Shuminsky street, 6
Bank account:
Martynova Anastasiya
Name of bank: PJSC VTB BANK
Swiftcode of Bank: VTBRRUMM
The account holder's name: Martynova Anastasiya
The account number: 40817978710084038979
BIC code: 040349758
Bank Head Office Address: Moscow, 109147, Vorontsovskaya 43
Name of bank: PJSC VTB BANK
Tatiana Pimenova Has profile in site. Spoke very good English when answered to call. She said that working as kindergarten and english teacher. We planned meeting abroad and of course she hasn´t got money for passport (Sent picture of fake passport) travel insurance, flight tickets,... I losted 1500€. I was very stupid to pay all this shit....
Irina Novichkova Money for plane ticket to come see me
Olga Gandrabura She has a profile on the dating site (profile 787038), and when men write to her there, she redirects them to her social media sites (VK, FB) and once they contact her there, where messages are not monitored, she asks for money, and promises to give them the best sexual experience they ever had when they come to Odessa. Of course, the men will never actually meet her, even after sending thousands of dollars.Her English is very bad, so she writes only in Russian, and tell the men to translate using google. But essentially she claims to be a single mother with a very sick child, and always needs money to pay the child's hospital bills.
Elena Viktorova Fake Russian passport: 70 2893282 Date of birth: Jul 26, 1985
Svetlana Sirotenko At first she had to arrange a travel passport , then buy tickets to the Netherlands from Rostov on Don, then a statement of good behavior from the police, tickets for military transport through war zone and now she has to demonstrate that she is financially self-reliant in my country Now she asks me for money so she may travel abroad but she has to be financially stable to be in my country for 10 days , because her income is too low.. they said..Adress: Yunykh Lenintsiv Street 13/21, Stakhanov Luhans'ka Oblast 94000
Works as an Make up artist in Stakhanov
Tetyana Tanya Tanechka Good day to you! What is your name?How are you? I am good and I hurry introduce myself to you)I am Tanechka and I glad that now I have contact with you. Lets start our communication and knowing each other if you don't mind. Friends always call me Tanya but in my passport I am Tetyana, it is the same name and you can call me as you like)I want you know I open and I honest with you, I here not for games and I am not scam. I don't know English at all and I use Google translator.I don't use any chat programs because I haven't smart phone, I have simple phone without any messenger.In any way I think we need know each other better by letters in email address and then I will learn some English and and I will give you my phone number, ok? if it isn't ok, then I am sorry. I don't want waste our times. I divorced and I have small daughter, her name is Nastya. She is my life and she is my angel that I love the most in my life. I hope you don't mind that I have child and you can be a good man for me and accept my daughter if we will have strong relationships between us. She is 4 years old and she goes to garden. I also live with my mother, she is pensioner and she helps me to care about Nastya. Now it is very hard time as whole world in quarantine because coronovirus but I try stay calm and strong and I hope only on better times after it. I forgot to tell you that I am 34 years old, I hope my age is ok for you. I live in small town Avdeevca in east of Ukraine. here is war zone but I think this war situation will end very soon. My father died few years ago and I haven't another relatives. I send you photos of me and Nastya, I hope you will like them My mother doesn't love make photos. I hope you liked read about me and you will reply me very soon and you will tell me about yourself. have a good day)Tanya
Anastasiya Garaishina Fake Russian passport: 72 2494746