Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating site scammers

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Photos of scammers Surname, name Scam scheme Samples of messages
Khrystyna Kalina Ukrainian passport number: FA056250 Ukrainian passport number: EH680375 Date of birth: Nov 04, 1992 she just wants me to pay for travel checks $3000 to finish up agency package to come to me
Anna Bohonos This women have money from to married and visa and travel ticket money she already send to me picture of marriage certification of marriage approved of a lawyer in ukraine i want to check her passport and also after that i want to check marriage certificate if this possible because she want more money as pocket for travel
Svitlana Melnyk Ukrainian passport number: PP261720 Date of birth: Jul 10, 1997
Darya Ostapenko
Irina Yedyn The Passport is Ukrainian. The passport number is KB501157. The passport is for Irina Yedyn. Her birthday is 05/09/1977. I do not know if the birthday is either May 9, 1977 or September 5, 1977. I have been told that the passport gives the birthday of 05-09-1977 Irina told me that her married name was Irina Figura, but that her passport carries the name Irina Yedyn
Yuliia Taranenko Ukrainian passport number: HE456092 Date of birth: Nov 25, 1991
Kseniia Hlianko Date of birth: June 14, 1986
Marina Kiseleva Russian passport number: 44 04 370248 Date of birth: Aug 10, 1987 The person says her name is Marina Kiseleva and is from Tyumen,Russia
Irina Mihaylova Ukrainian passport number: EF037842 Date of birth: Nov 26, 1993 this is the ip address Country Ukraine State/Region 14 City Lugansk Latitude 48.567 Longitude 39.3171
Oleksandrina (Tatiana) Doroshkova i have told you that i need for passport 331.96 $. And it is all in a few days it will be ready. I am writing you now my details which written in my document. Name: Tatiana Surname: Doroshkova City: Dnepropetrovsk Honey, i will urgently run to make my passport as soon as you can help me