Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating site scammers

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Photos of scammers Surname, name Scam scheme Samples of messages
Darya Pavlova Russian passport number: 50 02 659453 US visa number: 81377340
Oksana Krip Ukrainian passport number: EX703839 Date of birth: Nov 01, 1989
Ekaterina Gromoglasova Russian passport number: 70 22 115877 Date of birth: Dec 20, 1981
Marina Yulchenko Russian passport number: 14 658001 Date of birth: Vov 05, 1988
Olena Melnik Ukrainian passport number: FA095026 Date of birth: Apr 03, 1989
Ekaterina Fedorova Russian passport number: 45 07 701922 Date of birth: Dec 10, 1986
Kristina Timofeichik Russian passport number: 69 8466924 Date of birth: Apr 01, 1981
Larisa Rakova Ukrainian passport for travel abroad number: EK404090 Ukrainian passport number:
Daria Vlasova Ukrainian passport number: EH709944 Date of birth: Dec 29, 1986
Daria Melnikova Ukrainian passport number: FE812181 Date of birth: May 08, 1992