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Mariia Lutsko Wanting money cause she/he/whatever it is Got me to try and "fall in love" and she/he/whatever it is, needed money to get to the UK from ukraine to come "see me" Thank you so much for answering me! I know what you mean, and in part I understand you perfectly well. But I'm also asking you to step into my shoes. You can see that I'm open to you. And I sincerely wish we could get together. I'm ashamed that I'm in this situation where I need your financial help. But I would never ask you for money if I needed it. I only came to you for help at the last moment. When I couldn't find a way out on my own. The first thing I did was call all my friends, I called everyone. But you know what the situation in Ukraine is like right now. My friends have their own problems and they said they couldn't lend me that much money. Then my mum phoned her friends and the answer was the same, that they were already in a difficult situation. It was only at the last minute that I decided to write to you, but I was very ashamed. and it's true. I'm still ashamed that I asked you for financial help. Even now I realise that it scared you away from me. you probably think I'm some kind of fraud right now. But I've never cheated anyone or done anything wrong in my life. My parents raised me like this, and the rule of my upbringing was: "treat other people the way you want to be treated." I will always treat you with respect, because in the time we've been together, I've seen you as a good and intelligent man that I want to be in a relationship with. This trip is in many ways necessary for me to have a meeting with you. All these words I told you from the bottom of my heart. I know it probably won't change your mind. but I don't want you to mistakenly think badly of me. I'm a good and honest person. Thank you for listening to me. Yours, Mariia
Yana Novik She claims to be born in America but lived in Ukraine. Her whole life and she's asking for money to get back to the United States. Fake American passport, stolen identity
Mariya Petrunyak Fake Ukrainian ID card, stolen idenity
Anastasiia Kozhemiakina Fake Ukrainian passport
Anastasiia Mykytenko I met her on tinder and she says everything you want to hear, communication is very good with her, everyday as if this were true. She ask money for passport and for travel to poland. In the border she says guards didnt allow her to pass because she has a debt from her family.
Mariana Homilko Needs $500 for travel expenses. Geoff, maybe you can transfer money to my friend who lives in my hometown? I have already contacted her, and she can help us with this, after receiving the money transfer, she can send it to my card. I think this will be the fastest way. Here's her details for Western Union: First name: Liudmyla Last name: Alieva Address: Kryvorozhstal str., 38 city of Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovsk region 50005
Maria Smirnova Maria Smirnova/Olga Sergeeva 7 928 743 66 51/7 928 321 44 58 phone numbers Wanted me to contact to pay for plane ticket Said she is from Alexandrovsk, perm-krai
Daria Borysova This person pretends to be someone who is in a region at war, she seduces on dating sites like Ukraine Date and then establishes a relationship of trust to extract money by pretending that she needs it to take the plane. In reality, she is a girl from a very wealthy family who spends her life traveling with her friends, she actually lives in Odessa. I was able to find his real profile on social networks thanks to image recognition. This is not a scammer who uses another identity but Daria Boysova who scams people. She must have an accomplice in a region at war since she sends images and videos making the situation very believable. I specify that I did not fall into the trap but that it should not be at its first attempt...
Dasha Gorshanova Waste all money for love romance in Wein
Yulia Malysheva I met her through dating site OkCupid. We then started communication through the telegram app. No phone# provided or email address. Received this email stating a law in place that requires a traveler to have certain amount of money in order to leave the country. Never heard of this law which got me to question things and come to you. Now she is apparently going to the airport daily in hopes they let her pass. Or I somehow come up with this money to send her. Fake russian passport, fake US visa I'm all in tears.......I'm so upset. What should I do??? when I passed through customs control, the employee asked me to present a certain amount of money confirming my financial stability for living in your country. Or he said to announce the availability of the amount. I was shocked because I didn't understand what exactly he wanted from me. I told him I didn't understand him at all. And she asked me to explain it to me in more detail. The customs officer took me to the inspection room and told me that everything was ready for the trip, that all my documents were in order. it remains to clarify some details. He asked if I knew anything about the emigration law? I said I didn't know anything about it. I asked him to tell me about it in detail again. The employee said that when passing through customs control, everyone will need to present a certain amount of money. In the USA, there is a living wage for tourists, it is $ 60 per day of stay.A tourist traveling abroad must have with him an amount of money that will be enough for him for the entire duration of his stay in the United States. The state must be sure that I will be able to support myself during the entire period of my stay. They won't let me out of the country if I don't have the money to live in another country. Such measures are taken to prevent the growth of prostitution and the emergence of homeless people. This is due to sanctions between countries. Especially since I'm from Russia!! and now you know what the situation is. He explained to me that there was no need to spend this money. You just need to ensure the availability of this money. Customs officers will stamp my documents stating that I am financially secured for the trip, and I will be able to fly to you safely. I said that I would live with my beloved man, with you. But the manager explained to me that in any case I would need a certain amount of money to fly out of my country. That's the law, and there's nothing I can do about it. The law is the same for everyone. I'm in a very difficult situation right now. My documents are designed for 90 days. The customs officer said that I would need to show 5400 dollars!!!!!!!! It's a lot of money for me. I do not know what to do now??????. I almost fainted, tears rolled down in a hail! That's a lot of money. I do not know what to do now. I'm completely confused. I'm just sitting like a fool at customs right now and I don't know what to do. Honey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. maybe you can help me? I won't spend this money. I just need to show them. I'll get all the money back. If you help me, I will return all this money to you right at the airport. The most important thing is that you don't need to spend this money. The money just needs to be presented in order for me to stamp the documents that are provided to me for living in another country. The money will remain safe and sound. My love, I really didn't know about this law??. But I really hope for you. Honey, I have no one else to turn to for help. My aunt doesn't have any money either. You have no idea how unpleasant it is for me that money comes between us??. Only you can help me now. I love you very much!!! There is one step left before our meeting, and we must overcome it. This money will not be lost, I will not spend it, I will just show it. do you understand me? What do you think? I was told that the agency would book me a ticket for the next flight when I was ready to announce a living wage to them. Now I need your advice. Forgive me for causing you difficulties. I'm also very glad they shared Wi-Fi, because otherwise I wouldn't know how to write to you. please answer me as soon as possible. They've been asking me about everything for a very long time. They checked all my stuff, they checked everything. I'm waiting for your answer. Please.