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Photos of scammers Surname, name Scam scheme Samples of messages
Kateryna Khomiak Ukrainian passport forgery
Anna Marchenko Ukrainian passport forgery.
She is saying she needs to leave Donetsk, due war, I paid her 550 euros for taxiing to Lviv and she asked for 1000 euros more for a certain warranty at the custom.
Olena Bakum Ukrainian passport forgery
Natalia Vladimirovna Fake Ukrainian passport, fake American visa found in Ukrainian passport, stolen pictures
Tetyana Zanovenka fake Ukrainian ID card, stolen identity
Kristina Romanova Fake russian passport with US visa
Klara Demchuk She's demanding the money necessary to travel, all fake. They immigration asked me about my insurance and i don't have it, they said i need insurance money minimum of 1500 Euro before i can travel out of the country, i will just have to show them they money
Diana Krasnitskaya, @DianaDDi She befriended me, video-chatted, sent her flowers. She said is madly in love with me and wants to marry me. She kept saying her rent is high and her salary is little. Then one day she said her employer was late at giving her a paycheck and she is get in trouble with her landlord. She asked me to send her $300. Later on she wanted me to pay for dental work. . Diana Koval Today at work, I got into a huge fight with my boss. My tooth is hurting now and dentist want $335 and I don't have this kind of money.

I myself am from Dnipro, worked in the theater. After the beginning of the full-scale events I was not going to leave the city until the last moment. I continued to work, although there was much less work to do, and at the same time I was engaged in volunteer work. That was until a rocket flew into my house. After that I had to leave Dnipro, it was very scary and hard for me to be there. I moved to Odessa. I took a hairdressing course and got a job in a beauty salon.
Everything seemed to be getting better, but I really missed my favorite person near me. I had a hard time with Ukrainian men, their mentality and attitude towards women did not suit me. I was in a relationship for more than 5 years, but I was pulling everything on myself, and at some point I got tired of it. So I decided to register on a site with foreigners. My friend met a man about a year ago, moved to the US with him, and they are getting ready to get married. So I decided that I could do the same. You don't have to look for your destiny in your own city, you can push the boundaries. And here I am, getting to know you and wanting to get to know you better
Anastasiia Pishchanska We were supposed to meet in Paris last week. However, when she went to the border in Ukraine, they would not let her out she says because she’s a nurse and she could get out for a $10,000 bribe if I wanted see her. She says no medical personnel are allowed out of the country. I told her that was effective October 1 but she said in Ukraine it is corrupt and they’re not letting her out now She wanted me to PayPal her the money. In in addition, she said she had to buy a father $2500 worth of ammunition and night vision goggles for the Ukrainian army when he got drafted. Now she is stating she is ukranian army training to be a field nurse. In addition, her mother who is also a doctor has been texting me stating I need to save her daughters life, and she does not want to be in the army.

Fake Ukrainian passport, fake diploma
Hef mother paid the $10,000 bribe now she is free to leave the country because she has a white card and has been approved for an American visa
We communicate via telegram telegram address is @anastasia_12381
Valentyna Safronovych Fake Ukrainian passport, fake Ukrainian ID card.

Fake debt
@pollyy_lolly - OnlyFans, Her telegram is @valentinaopytodna