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Olga Fillippova Fake Ukrainian passport I have read your message and would like to ask you a question. I would also prefer that You answer me sincerely. If I hadn't had money for a plane ticket and you would never have met me personally, if not through WhatsApp, you would have lent me $ 400-800 to fly to you and meet you for the first time ... ??? And if I have to be honest and objective, I don't think You would have lent me money without knowing me! If you really care about this man, you wouldn't have asked me for such a thing. One day when you are / will be in Germany and all three of us will truly be a family, you will not have to worry about yourself anymore because you will not miss anything. Now, after reading this, I hope you will continue to write to me. Then, when Life begins its journey again after the Pandemic (Virus), then I will fly to you to get to know you and your family. Si, correct mi if I am wrong.
Nataliia Zakharova Met on InternationalCupid. Fake Ukrainian passport, stolen pictures/identity (2017 Miss Ukraine) Natali from Donetsk, ID 10756060
Lisenko Natalia Viktoriwna First she sends her "old Passport" and ask for money for biometric passport. Than she sends her "new passport" which is already a fotoshop product.(original from Burdiian Oksana) Агенство делает все что необходимо - подбирает вакансию , делает договор , визу рабочую ( для путешествий не нужна виза , но сейчас путешествия пока закрыты ) , страховку . Вакансий у них много - есть кондитерская ф абрика , няня , логист ( тут знание языка надо) . 200 евро вместе с готовой визой и дорога за свой счет это моя электронная почта а то этот сайт не надежный
Anna Gribacheva Dating scam, fake identity (stolen pictures) Wants me to send money for airline tickets
Marina Anatolevna Muzurova Stolen identity (stolen pictures). This person is sharp and smart. Definately gives off the whole girlfriend experience. Quick to say she was in love. Said she worked at a bank then conveniently got fired the next week. Needed money for passport, visa, and airfare But once at airport, on day she was to fly to me, she wrote asking for an additional $3200 USD she says customs needed to verify she could purchase a return flight. That's when I really knew I was scammed.
The same trick from this scammer or Russian dating scammer imitates robbery at the airport
Another email she may us
She told me she was a pediatrician. I actually transfered 1200 to her bank from mine and then I transfered another 3200 USD as well. That's the money she said she was robbed at the airport. Fake Russian passport, stolen pictures
Hello my beloved. Thank you that I can read your letter. Your letters mean a lot to me. I am crazy in love with you. I want to tell you this every day. I want you to hug me now, kiss me! You are a wonderful man and all I want from life is to be with you. You are the most important person to me! I want you to be always happy. I really hope that one day our dreams can come true and we can be together. Thank you that I can read your letter. When I read your letter, it becomes easier for me! Being with you is the most important thing in my life. I only need you and your love. You are the one I was born for. I am grateful to fate that I found you! I love you with all my heart and with all my soul. I want to kiss hug you! I want to hear your voice in my ear, I think it's great! After all, only for this I live. You are the man of my dreams. There is no one better than you. I hope we can be together. Since we are for each other. We were born for each other. I love you very much. I can not live without you. My thoughts and dreams are only about you. I think about us all the time. I hope with all my heart and with all my soul that tomorrow I can read your letter. I send you my sea of ​​kisses! I am yours and only yours forever Mary.
Vera Lebedeva Adult Friend finder goes by 2021lady90 will contact you tell you that she's looking for love and the family. So she can only contact through email because she doesn't have a phone. Looking for money for a phone. She is pleasant impatient but beware
Fake Ukrainian ID, stolen pictures/identity
Hanna Semenova Stolen pictures/identity <>br/ Woman with two kids. Says marriage recently ended (209) and forced into new apartment but needs furnishing, previously living in hostel. Seems to me it’s all lies because when was able to view her Instagram she was on 5 vacations in past year, spain, Egypt, Israel, London, Paris. When I asked about this, and why not use money to buy furniture instead of vacations and iPhone 12, she blocked me. Asked for $500 as a loan. To be sent by western Union or Payoneer.
Irina Yaliieva Fake Ukrainian passport, Fake invoice from European association of Medical public health, fake bank statement, fake tickets to USA
Irina Belova Stolen pictures/ fake identity. Fake Russian passport, fake driver license. 65-23 ULITSA VIDOVA NOVOROSSIYSK This morning, just for fun, I read the forecast for today in my horoscope.
There I was promised a romantic acquaintance that will be of great importance to me for a long time to come.
My name is Irina. I am 39 years old. I live in Russia.
I'm at an age now where I don't have to believe in fate anymore, but seeing your letter today, I thought: "Why not?"
I have no children and have never been married, and I am single. I am a hair and make-up artist in a beauty salon.
I want to confess that I have now anxiously checked my email. because I didn't know if I got an answer from you ....)
Age?! Is that a problem? I'm 39. But my soul is 18 years old))
It's no problem for me that you are older.
I decided to do a little audio for you. Hope you enjoy it;)
I studied English at school and university. And I think that it will not be a problem for us to even talk on the phone.
I live in Novorossiysk. Do you know such a city in Russia? But for sure you can find this city in google maps;)
For me, this is the first experience of dating on the Internet. I am not looking for a man in Russia because I was disappointed in Russian men. I was deceived.
I am ready to change my life. Live and work in another country.
Sorry for my late reply. Unfortunately, I couldn't write to you last night from my phone. I dropped and broke my smartphone yesterday. But this will not be a problem, and I will always find an opportunity to write to you. I really hope that soon I will be able to repair my phone.
Of course, we could have a chat using whatsapp, and it would be more convenient. but unfortunately now my smartphone is not working.
For several years now my main hobby has been yoga. In summer, I like to ride a bike, walk in the park or the promenade with friends.
Elena Larionova Fake Russian passport. After six months of communication, she asked for money