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Mariya Shabunina Fake Russian Internal passport: 1117637482 Fake Russian passport for travel abroad: 721440891
Irina Zayichenko I wanted to see her in video. And her ask 40 USD. " I must go in Lugansk center, taxi and internet point..." After some mail give me a phone Number, the Surname. Her write only from 11:00 to 17:00 Kiev time. we decide to meet. She loves Italy. But we decide to meet in Kiev. Her must go in Kharkiv airport and ask me 150 usd for private taxi from Luhansk. i know this girl from but her profile is no longer visible.In chat looks like a normal person. Nice, intelligent and sensitive
She says she is 28, divorced and looking for a husband
Yulia Unknown
Anna Zaytseva The real bandit is Anna Zaytseva from Kiev! This young Ukrainian woman is a real swindler, she is a member of a Ukrainian gang, which is known for extortion and deception of foreign men. Her task is to get your personal information, then she begins to communicate with you via personal mail and ask for money. But the worst thing is that other people start to write to your mail and phone, who introduce themselves as Anna's relatives or friends and ask for your help. In one month, I received several messages and calls from unknown people who asked me to meet them at the airport, transfer money to them, place them at my house until they find suitable housing. All these people were Alena Zaitseva's relatives. I had to change my phone number and email, because my data fell into the hands of the Ukrainian mafia. This scammer continues to look for new victims on Alena Zaitseva's dating sites on Dream Sing 6115348.I am glad to welcome you! Do you like riddles or charades? Let`s play. If you recognize me, write and give your answer. Some facts about me: 1. I like it everywhere - in a field, in a forest, in a meadow, on the shore of a reservoir. It is impossible to confuse it with another beast. Well, tell me, who else has such a gorgeous red coat and a long fluffy tail with a white spot on the end? 2. I am a great fashionista. I have two fur coats - winter and summer. Moreover, winter is much warmer: her fur is thicker and longer than that of summer. 3. To honor it should be attributed that I am very smart. My hearing is great. In winter, I carefully listen to various sounds. 4. I am an atypical predator. In summer, I am friends with frogs, small birds, and animals. And it’s a habit to run to the farm - beware! I will play with hens and males. 5. Have you heard the voice of a me? It’s her sonorous, she “yapping”. And if it comes to dating, then I scream so piercingly that it doesn’t seem enough. I can make about forty different sounds, do you want to check? Red-headed trick smart and agile, Foxy Anna
Bella X Takes contact to dating sitesGood day Honey, I had been planning, possibly we are able to meet some day, I honestly do know that it might seem slightly straightforward but still, I desire to obtain an answer from your side really soon in my own mailbox: Hey Jonny! Thanks for the photo, I am very pleased. Jonny, I'm really delighted to get a letter form you knowing that we are able to continue on our acquaintance. I wish to declare straight away that it is actually my very first acquaintance along with a man on the net. Therefore I am a bit nervous ... I couldn't think about it in the beginning. Yet Choice to give it a shot. Mainly because I saw an advert in the news that many people found each other doing this and they are very happy right now. Because there are really zero borders and distances for acquaintance. So, here's a little about me personally. My parents named me Bella. I have virtually no bad habits. I'm actually solitary and have never ever been married. I don't have babies. I have an incredibly calm personality and I am the only child in the family. I have absolutely no brothers. I reside in a tiny but stunning city of Kremenchuk, that is based in Ukraine. I don't know how to explain to you just where exactly it's located. However all I will undoubtedly say it is a gorgeous place. What exactly are you interested in in a woman? And also the most essential question for me personally is this: "What would you anticipate through meeting a lady?" It is important for me personally to learn now at the start of our communication to ensure that later on there will be no disagreements between us. Because flirt as well as companionship do not interest me. I've lots of close friends. And I want love and also a significant bond. For this reason I am here. I must find a good guy for the truly serious relationship. Therefore, age group is not really important to me personally, & whats essential to me is really human spirit. I do not feel that the age variance is a crucial element in the bond between a man and a woman. Considering that with age, men are only getting better and more prudent. I would personally be content being with such a dude who normally takes a girl seriously. I expect that our communication is going to be frank and would like you to answer your questions sincerely. I adore truthfulness and truth. I understand that you have a lot of thoughts for me personally and thus i am ready to reply. Ask what is intriguing for you to find out about me and I will reply with honesty. In case you are interested in myself, i then will write to you much more me within the following letters. Ok? Here are several of my images and I will likely be waiting for your reply and the photographs too. Your brand-new close friend Bella!!!
Aleksandra Kozlova Plenty of Fish contact asking for my email. Followed by a new picture admitting they are in Russia. I don’t think so. They answer your questions. Always using your name like it was a form email. They can’t afford a phone. They email once a day. Within a week they love you so much.This person just stopped talking and the emails were all about love.They were deleted from POF but tried to tell me they left. When I called them out on their scam they never wrote back. This person said they couldn’t get Facebook to work. I created an account for them with their email. This morning they set the Facebook account up for deletion. I took control of the profile and emailed and told them these pictures are going everywhere.Graham, I am glad to see your letter! Your letters warm my soul! Graham, how was your day? What is your weather like? I am very glad to read about your feelings for me! Once upon a time I could not believe that love exists. But then you appeared and the world turned upside down. Everything that was so valuable to me all these years has lost its meaning. You gave me a fairy tale. You opened a new life for me. You have become everything: day, night, my dream and reality, my past, present and future. I don’t see myself without you, I don’t feel, I don’t know ... I don’t exist without you. I waited for you. I've been waiting all my life. I knew that one day you ................ then on an on rambling about love.
Mariana Didovych Mariana Didovych AKA Olga Melnik
Say she is a dental assistant and will come to your country to work. Gives you a copy of her passport , a airline ti key copy and other made up copies of her education. She eventually tells you that she will need your help because she lost her job.It all sounded to good to be true which equals it usually is
Oksana Nikolaeva Gets to know you then says she is going to visit you, says she has paid for visa and all expenses then when the day comes she is out of money due to unexpected expenses, she will ask for money to cover the costs of the plane tickets says that they can only be purchased in Russia. Which is totally false. Nikolaeva Oksana Yurevna
UPD: other email
today the big day, today begins my journey and I am very happy, that soon we will together! I like your photo! Here my phone number +795830622479! I'll go to Moscow and I'll buy a laptop and I can call you! I overwhelmed with emotions and feelings! I cannot pick up the necessary words to describe these feelings and emotions!My emotions are running high, my feelings overwhelm me,I'm really happy!I think you understand me!?  I am confident, that our emotions and feelings coincide!?I am assured, that this vacation will be the best vacation in my life. But the most important thing, that we at last will see each other! I with impatience wait for ours with you a meeting! Now I'm writing to you from work, I came here to pick up the documents! Soon I will go by bus from my city Labinsk to Krasnodar, and from Krasnodar I will fly to Moscow by plane, and I will be in Moscow tonight! I've never been to Moscow :) For me it will be an interesting trip! In Moscow, I will have an interview at the Embassy.All goes how we planned! My family is very happy for me! To tell the truth, mum to worry about me! Mum asked to write the letter as soon as I will arrive to you! I promised to mum that I will send to mum our with you a photo. If my daddy was still live, daddy would be very glad, that I have met the man of my dream. Our meeting, it so is romantic! I am ready to fly by through half of globe that we were together!It is similar to a dream and when I will wake up we we will be together! I trust you, I do not doubt sincerity of your feelings. I know, that near to you I will be in safety! Soon, very soon we will together, only you and I! While I will be in Moscow I'm going to need your moral support, I ask you write me every day, your letters are very important to me! I will write you my every move, I will keep you up to date on the whole process!ok? I did not manage to connect international calls on my mobile as it is long process! I do not wish to waste time! I think, that I will find a way to call to you from Moscow! ok? I should hasten, at me not so it is a lot of time! At me still affairs much! I will write, as soon as I will arrive to Moscow! i miss you, i think about you! See you soon my love! I send you my most sweet and hot kiss! With all my love your Oksana!how are you? I like your photo! I waited anxiously for your answer, I wanted to know what you were thinking about my proposal and that you would answer my proposal! I have money to fly to you, and the virus is not a problem! Last night, I had a dream, in my dream we were together, my dream was so real that when I woke up this morning, I thought that you near to me! thoughts about you and our meeting  more and more visits my mind!I think that our meeting is the following step for our relations, our meeting will give answers to all questions, and will help us to understand better how our relations in the future will develop! I thought a lot about our meeting and I understand that such a chance comes only once in life! But, this step demands the big responsibility! You agree with me? I cannot describe words my feelings and emotions!I cannot find correct words and describe, all that is felt by me! My feelings overflow me, I never felt anything similar! Our relationship moved to a new level, and I feel that our relationship turned into something more than just a pen pal!And I want, to make the following step! Today to me have told that I will soon have holiday and I think that this best time to plan our meeting! I was not in holiday 1,5 years  and  my holiday lasts 45 days and I think that it time will be enough that we could, all to plan! I look at things really and I am ready to make the following step to our relations! I am ready to meet you, I do not wish to miss this possibility!  I like our correspondence, but communication on the Internet cannot compare to a real meeting! You agree with me? I ask you only about one: promise to me that you will care of me!? My feelings not a toy and I ask you about honesty and sincerity! I think the first thing I have to do is to assess my capabilities and to know the price of my trip! first of all, I want to know how much is the plane ticket! tell me what is the nearest Airport to your home? I wish to look cost of tickets on the Internet! I do have a lot of questions: what things I should take and whether I can stop in your house? You will be my guide? You will meet me at the Airport? You are ready to this step? I should know your thoughts concerning our meeting! I wonder what will be our meeting and how you see our meeting? I think, that our meeting will be unforgettable and will open to us boundless possibilities! If our meeting this that that we want both, in the near future I plan to collect the necessary information for my travel and I will inform you! I think I can come to your country as a nurse, so I can definitely fly to you! I'll find out about it and let you know! Are there hospitals near you that require a nurse? Yesterday I was in shop, I have seen a beautiful card and have bought to you this card! I have thought that to you will be pleasant if you receive my card! But, I do not know your full address and how correctly to issue an envelope! Write me your address and then I can send you my card with the smell of my perfume,  my photo and my  gift, to make you feel nice! I give you my address if you too want to send me a card. My full name: Oksana Yurevna Nikolaeva
My home address:  
Uritsky street, 2, apartment 15
city of Labinsk
Krasnodar region
Also I will write you the address in Russian:
Оксана Юрьевна Николаева
улица Урицкого, 2, квартира 15
Краснодарский край
You must issue an envelope in this format, as I wrote to you! (write how I should properly arrange an envelope for you) ok? I will finish my letter, today at me it is a lot of work, I with excitement will wait for your letters! I send you millions my sweet kisses! With love yours Oksana!How are you doing, what's new? I am very glad to your letter!I with a smile have read your letter and in your words I feel sincerity! I like your photo! I understand that you have health problems, it's not a problem! My age of 33 years and I think that age it only figures! My sister is 38 years old! I have no profile on facebook! I cannot receive account Facebook from the working computer, I can have problems on work! I have no profile in social networks, I was never interested by it! I prefer live dialogue! I do not wish to hide behind letters, I think you understand me! Today I have possibility to write to you only email! But, I am confident the future we will find a way to communicate much faster! Your letters give to me more than you can present to yourself,I don't know how to describe this feeling with words, it's more than just interest!I feel that I'm drawn to you like a magnet!! This morning I have woken up with thought on you, and it was amazing! During a breakfast I looked at an empty chair near to me! I thought of our joint breakfast! How you like such idea? I want to admit to you, I often think of you! I want to know as much as possible about you, I wish to know about you all! My curiosity does not have a limit:) I have an important question for you. you have correspondence with anyone besides me? it is very important to me! I have correspondence only with you in my life you're the only man! even in everyday life I do not have relationships or friendships with men!after we met, I'm not interested in other men! I wrote that in my life there were two men, but that relationship is over forever! my heart was broken, and I don't want that to happen again! you are the man I was looking for all my life! I do not want, that between us there were secrets! Relations cannot be constructed on a deceit! do you agree with me? I hope for your honesty! I very trustful woman, I do not want, that you have broken to me heart! I trust you! I appreciate honesty and sincerity, for me it is the most important qualities in the man! I am serious about our correspondence! From your letters I see that at us is much in common and our vital purposes coincide! there are still questions that bother me! You prefer long relations? What relations you would like with me? your sympathy and antipathy against women? I think that between man and woman must be understanding, trust and physical attraction! I want to love and be loved! woman's happiness is to find a man who will understand and support her! I wish to be happy near to beloved man! I wish to be proud of the man. I want, that my man was proud of me! I want, that my man was a reliable support for me! I wish to rely in all on my man! These are my representations of the man of my dream! What can I tell about myself, how about the woman??? I always say that I think! I love a cosiness and cleanliness in the house. I have always got used to look after myself! I always responsibly concern the decisions accepted by me! I love kids! I love flowers, I very much like orchids. I like pets. I do not love lie, I do not love when people contradict to themselves! In the letter I cannot describe everything, that I wish to tell to you! I prefer live dialogue when you look the interlocutor in the face, words are perceived differently! Right  now  we  have no possibility to communicate through webcam,but soon I will buy the new laptop and we can speak on webcam,we are going to have a direct conversation! Let me finish my letter and back to work! I will wait for your letters! with kisses your Oksana!

Hello X, it's me again Oksana! I am very glad that you have written to me! I hope my answer didn't keep you waiting? You know that i write to you from work and I not always can quickly answer your letter! Alas on work I can not use the computer to suit the own ends. If I use the working computer to suit the own ends, I can have problems. Right now I have a free time and I can write you the letter! I like to communicate with you! Our correspondence helps me to present your world and your lifestyle! If you do not mind, I will continue to talk about themselves and ask you questions! What season is pleasant to you? What your favourite colour? I love summer! I very much like this season, but in my city summer lasts only 4 months! I love bright colours, my favourite colour green,pink,blue,red,black! I never been married and do not have kids. I do not drink, I do not smoke. I live one in my apartment. I have sister and mom, my dad is dead! My sister is married and has a child, my sister is older than me, she's my best friend. We all live in the same city, and therefore we often meet, we are a very friendly family. Do you often meet your family? Where does your family live? My city is situated on the river Labe and in the summer I like to spend time on a beach.I like to float and sunbathe! You love rest on a beach? you like camping? I love to ride a bicycle and roller skates!I like bowling! I like to sing in a karaoke, you sing in karaoke? my main hobby is fitness! Unfortunately at me not so it is a lot of time for my hobby. Basically I train on weekend or homes and on the street! My growth of 171 centimeters, weight of 57 kilograms. My eyes are green! I was born on October 28, 1986! My zodiac sign is Scorpio. My hobbies are photography, sports, dancing and i like all new. At me good sense of humour, I am an optimist in life. Of the languages I speak Russian and English, I hope you understand my English?I don't know any other languages!how many languages do you know?! Do not hesitate to tell about itself. I want to learn more about you! I do not know, that I can tell about myself, do not hesitate to set to me questions. To me pleasantly our dialogue. I with the big interest wait your letter. Words it is impossible to describe everything, that I wish to tell to you! It is a pity, that between us the big distance. If we lived nearby we could meet in cafe. What do you think of it? I think we will find common language! I wonder in your town there are Russian restaurants? I will be glad to acquaint you with a Russian cuisine in the future. I very much like to prepare various dishes, I receive from it pleasure. The cookery is one of my hobbies! I am assured, that you will not refuse my tasty dishes :-) I give preference Italian and an European cuisine, I very much love seafood. I think that today stories about me enough! and I hope you found it interesting? I am very interested in a lively dialogue, but alas, at work I can't use skype or webcam. I will try to buy a laptop soon, and I hope we will have a lively dialogue! I also wanted to ask, your phone can accept international calls? My phone number +795830622479 , as I learned from my operator, my phone can not accept international calls and at me simple phone without access to the Internet, and I do not have applications in the phone, but can you try sending me your text message! I will finish my letter, I should return to work. I will wait, your letter and photos! I wish you good mood and good day! Oksana!

Hello XXX, you have a beautiful name, what does your name mean?! My name Oksana literally means "hospitable and purposeful", I was called by this name in honor of my grandmother, because my mother said that I was very similar to grandmother! How are you doing today, I'm fine, and I am very glad that you wrote to me! I like your photo! I'm very sorry that your … I am sorry that has not answered at once you! The fact is that I do not have a personal computer, and I have the opportunity to write to you only from a working computer! But now I think that I should buy a laptop so that we can correspond with you as often as possible, and as soon as I buy myself laptop, I will inform you about it, but for now I will write to you from a working computer, if you do not mind?! I hope this fact does not interfere with our correspondence! In my life was two men who have caused me a pain, deceiving me. I was a toy in them hands! I do not want, that it has repeated again. I am a decent woman and I'm looking for a decent and an honest man and so I ask you to be with me an honest and decent man. Now you know what I'm looking for a serious relationship based on honesty and understanding. I want, a little in more details to tell about myself, I think to you it will be interesting. My full name: Oksana Nikolaeva, but friends call me Oksana! I don't have many friends because we have a small town. Mostly my friends from work. I work in a women's team and therefore my friends my colleagues are women. Do you have many friends? Who are your friends? Do you have more friends of women or men? I work in a small construction company, and the construction company in which I work is in the field of construction of road and bridges! I myself am not a builder, I am an assistant to the head of our company! My job is to build the working schedule of the director of our company, I am responsible for incoming correspondence, plus I have a lot of different paper work! I like my job, the only drawback of my work, we have a very strict director! My friends call me a workaholic because I work 6 days a week, with work schedule 9 to 18! I have been working at this job for 10 years! I graduated from high school at the age of 18, and after school I immediately entered the Economic University in Krasnodar, I think you heard about this city ?! This city is located in the South of Russia, not far from the Black sea! I was born, I live and I work in Russia! I live in a city called Labinsk, Krasnodar region! I understand we're a long way from each other,but I think in our time the distance is not a problem, what do you think about that?! I graduated from university at the age of 23 and returned to my hometown Labinsk, and now I'm living here. I think you can find many photos of my city on the Internet if you are interested! I would like to hear about the place where you were born, studied, where you work and live ?! Have you ever been in Russia? I was once outside of Russia, in Thailand in the city of Phuket and I really liked it there! And in which countries were you ??? I also traveled extensively in Russia, because my grandmother lives in another part of our country to Chita, my dad was born there! I hope you are not bored with my letter ?! I want will get acquainted with you much better! Do not hesitate to tell about itself! If you have questions to me, I will answer your questions! I wish to know as much as possible about you and your way of life! I think in the future we can speak by phone!? Now i have a simple phone without Internet access and I do not have special applications for free of communication, but I will try to fix that in the future, and we will find a way to communicate in real-time! ok?! I once again ask you about sincerity and honesty because I have already told to you, that in my life was two men and they have brought to me a pain and sufferings! I am looking for a serious relationship and a decent man who will not hurt a woman! I will finish on it! I should return to work! I will tell a little more about myself tomorrow! And yes, If at you is Skype, write me the Skype,I'll see if I can get Skype on my work computer, to see each other face to face much better, I think live dialogue will help our acquaintance! Do not forget to write to me:)

Hello, Good Saturday day! How are you doing today??? I wanted to wish you a nice weekend! what are your plans for the weekend? There is something special? I had a lot of work today and I just got off and I'm going to leave my work! If you have any questions, I will answer all your questions in the next letter on Monday! The only thing I ask of you is sincerity and honesty! I'm looking for a serious relationship, that's why it's so important for me that you always be sincere and honest with me! I will be looking forward to your letter with interest! I hope my letter and photos brighten up your day! Once again, have a nice weekend! Take care! Oksana!

XXX my love, I want start my letter with the good news! I have safely arrived to Moscow! I rented a small room in Moscow and the mistress of the room is a very nice woman! So do not worry about me, here I feel safe! Now the main news: I successfully passed the interview at the embassy! I got permission to get a visa, I got international medical insurance for all occasions, I paid a visa fee, I paid a state fee, now that I give tickets to the embassy, I will get a visa! But, my expenses were higher than I originally thought, and I can not afford to buy plane tickets! The cost of tickets 1200 dollars, and I do not have this money! I do not know how to tell you, but I have to ask for help from you, and I'm very ashamed to do it, it's humiliating my principles, but I do not know any other way out of this situation! Unfortunately, I couldn't buy a laptop because I didn't have enough money, and now I'm writing to you from the landlady's personal computer, she let me use it! I tried to find money on my own, but the banks in Moscow refused to issue a loan because I do not have a residence permit in the city of Moscow! I also asked for help from my mother and sister, but my family said that they gave me all the last money so that I could make my meeting with you, and they can not help me anymore! And now our meeting is in your hands! I understand what I'm asking of you, but I'm asking you for help not for yourself, I ask you for help for our meeting, for our future, for the sake of our love! I understand how my request sounds, and I hope I will not push you away from me by my request! I hope for your understanding and your help?! You can send your help to my Bank account. To transfer funds, you will need the following information.
First name: OKSANA
Middle name: YUREVNA
Last name: NIKOLAEVA
Account number: 40817840800003285169
Beneficiary Bank: “Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation”(PJSC), Moscow, Russia
Address of the bank: Kozevnichevskaya street, 14, bldg 2, Moscow, 115114 RU
Address recipient-My home address: Uritsky street, 2, apartment 15, city of Labinsk, Krasnodar region, 352502 RU
This information will be enough so that you can make your transfer.
I hope for your help, and as soon as you help me, I'll buy tickets for the next flight, get a visa and we will be together to fulfill all our dreams and desires! I apologize for my request again, believe me, for my part I did everything that was in my power and now our meeting is in your hands! We have to do one last step and we will be together but this step we have to do together! Let me finish my letter, I'm very tired today and want to rest! I will wait for your letters and answer you as soon as I have a rest! ok? with my letter I send you all my love, from heart to heart! I send you millions of your kisses Sincerely yours Oksana!
Yuliya Yatsenko USD 200 for phone
USD100 for medical expenses
hello) I had a birthday on August 20th. It was the worst birthday ever. I didn't even celebrate it. I worked that day. And nobody knew that it was my birthday. I didn't even get a present. This is very offensive, but I'm used to it. I didn't even have a And I love sweets so much. I'm used to being alone and nobody cares about me. Here are the things. According to my horoscope I am a lion. And you ?
Rybnikova Daria Valerievna Fake Russian passport: 0287100207 Date of birth: Sep 25, 1987