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Anastasiya Kireeva Golovatyuk Uses Photos from her real social media pages:
Nastya (Anastasia) Kireeva - uses a fake name (real surname is different). Says she's 39 y.o. but she's 29. Met her on FLAMEWISH.COM, connected to their so called partner company ONLINE-TRANSLATE.COM, where I spent a fortune on translations (they worked as a team). Over a thousand letters love letters were translated. Nastya will keep you interested and madly in love with her forever translating letters all the while, many, many everyday. She will send you photos on WhatsApp of herself in everyday life to keep you sure you are talking to her. She will claim she wants nothing more than you, never asks for money, works in the Hotel industry. Claims she doesn’t want to talk on WhatsApp Phone or videochat because of the language barrier, it would be too uncomfortable, and she doesn’t want to ruin surprise at first meeting in airport. In reality she speaks English well. Is insulted if you ask her to show passport, or ID because it doesn’t exist. We were supposed to meet in Turkey, but the week before, her mother came to visit her, and they supposedly both came down with COVID, and have been very sick why after 6 months of letters, trip had to be postponed. Sent a fake COVID test from a Ukrainian Clinic, and fake Airline reservation tickets to Turkey. Says she lives in Chernivtsi, actually lives in Kharkov, as stated on all of her social media accounts, that match all pictures of herself she will send you.
Scam is in the translation, where she tirelessly spends many hours each night writing from 3000-as much as 8000 word multiple letters each night, all very carefully written, and thorough expecting a response. She will love you, even promise marriage, and keep you very romantically involved. She is very very good.
Translation company, looks to be the same as the dating company though they claim to be only partners completely separate. Emails from 'support' in both companies use the exact same letter type, and font size. So the play is obviously in the translation, the more the girls have translated the more they make. Even if they are only getting 10%, it’s a very profitable business, to unsuspecting American Men. Good business model, but complete scam, that appears both companies, and many of the girls on this site are in collusion. All russian text is scrambled, so it cannot be translated outside the sites, and girls demand that it be used for privacy, and animity reasons.
ALWAYS demand to see ID, have it verified, and demand to video chat, this is normal if its real.
Elena Sheina Žádá peníze na pas a na složení jistiny, číslo pasu 70 2893282
Natalia Serhiienko Stolen pictures, Dating
Evgenia Toysheva She requests money for living expenses and travel. She pretended she's always in need, leterally not having food or money to pay the rent, and it was always urgent. Every time she said she will pay back. Further, she said she wants to meet so we ended up buying tickets. She pretended to buy tickets and to get stuck at several airports. In reality she never bought tickets and did not go an airport.
Anastasiya Korovkina Need money to meet me.
Olena Yaremenko Stolen pictures! She always complain that she has no job and no money and phone is broken and shee need money to communicate and then she need money for a new phone and to issue a passport. She has different profiles
Anastasiya Dmitrievna Stolen pictures, needs money for plane ticket
Anastasiia Karpova Stolen pictures!
she ask for money by saying need passport, she have debts
scam anyone in the name of love and ask for money
Natalia Shaposhnikova Fake Russian passport: 75 0438059
Fake Russian passport: 61 06 410453
Evgeniia Zaharova Fake Russian passport: 67 700603