Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating scams

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Photos of scammersSurname, nameScam schemeSamples of messages
Gregor Wilson Ukrainian passport number: AX277584 Date of birth: Sep 12, 1959
Alyona Leonova Find her for me, her cell number is 380 68 517 4508 Alyona Leonova states she lives with parents and junior sister in the small village Adamovka, about 10,000 people leaving there I also sent money to someone named Tetiana Haivoronska who Alyona states is her friend
Kiril Terentiev Russian passport number: 33 10 606780 Date of birth: Aug 03, 1990
Mikhail Usovskiy Russian passport number: 36 14 738504 Date of birth: July 17, 1994
Svitlana Revutska Ukrainian passport number: EH384817 Date of birth: Oct 02, 1988Vuglegirsk, Donetsk oblast
Ukrainian passport number: EH385308
Date of birth: Sep 20, 1986
Address - Popova street 4 ZIP - 86481
Irina Kutsenko Ukrainian passport number: EH122709 Date of birth: Nov 28, 1984
Iryna Nadeyko Ukrainian passport number: KH159823 Date of birth: Nov 26, 1993
Iryna Ozheshko Ukrainian passport number: PO117617 Ukrainian passport number: FB573057 Date of birth: Apr 08, 1988
Nikita Fyodorov Ukrainian passport number: EH975067 Date of birth: Feb 27, 1987
Inna Yegorova Ukrainian passport number: EH63824 Date of birth: May 19, 1990