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Ellina Mir We matched on Tinder and spoke over whatsapp for a few weeks. Communication included an initial facetime call. She showed a lot of interest in me. She told me she had US visa and that it was her dream visiting the US. Then suddenly she said she had vacation time now and I suggested she visited. I asked what dates and she told me March 3rd thru the 15th she was available to travel. She sent me pictures of her passport and US visa. I booked a round trip from Sochi to Miami. She said she had performed C19 tests and everything and a day before the trip she told me the agency would not let her board the plane unless she showed she had funds in her bank account equivalente to $100/day she would stay in the US. I found this to be a strange requirement and researched it. I found where it described the same exact situation she was mentioning as a scammer tactic. I questioned her about it and obviously she gave me some BS excuse. Ms. Mir is definitely up to no good and it is shameful that she is using her US visa to scam innocent people . Men be warned.
Victoria Tsarinna Stolen/fake identity
Tells that she loves you after 2 weeks. Need money for Wifi and her little daughter, Irinka. Wants money for passport, to much. Only chats in daytime when she pretends to work in school. All pictures she send is modelled. No camera in her phone she says. Works together with Maryna (Marina) Ostafeichuk in Dubai +380994324091 Maryna is "helping" her getting money though ske can't receive them. It's a professional scam team. Spread it around and thanks for the warning from your site. She disappeared the second after I confronted her with what a passport costs. And I know she doesn't live in Bila Tsverska. It is Luhansk.
I am a widow. My husband died on a road 4 years ago. So, one day, I lost my hopes and beloved person. My only family is my little princess Irinka and my mother who lives in a small village not too far from here. They are my sense to stay alive and wake up every morning. So, I want my daughter to have a full family with a loving mother and father. I need a loving husband who would be the reason to open my world to him, to give myself to him. To meet every morning together. I want to have a family, a new start. Family is the place where you are accepted for who you are. The place where the husband or wife does anything to make each other happy. You can kiss your family and friends goodbye and put miles between you, but at the same time, you carry them in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you don't just live in the world, but a world lives in you.
Lyuba Maligina Al primo impatto mi sembrava onesta ma poi appena mi ha chiesto i soldi ho capito..Dimitri, posso farmi prestare denaro da te per recarmi a casa tua? Mi servono 25.300 rubli (293 euro). Ho convertito l'importo in euro. per renderti più facile capirmi. perché ho già pagato una parte dei soldi. tutti i miei 6.000 rubli che avevo. in futuro, quando la mia situazione finanziaria sarà stabile, restituirò i tuoi soldi
Alla Kolesnikova Fake Ukrainian ID, stolen pictures
Katherine Brown Deze persoon is mij voor een oplichters.Ze is een persoon die van ander vrouw foto's Heeft op haar email boxs! Ik zag de persoon die daar werkelijk was op het Instagram ik vroeg aan haar heb je weer foto gemaakt toe zijn dat het oude foto,s was maar daar stond de datum erbij ik geloofde haar niet. Ze vroeg geld van mij voor paspoort t verlengen en voor andere document! Ze was wel zoek naar werk?? Het was groot bedrag wat ze 850 dollars.en elke keer ontwijk ze de vragen van mij.
Viktoriia Horhusha Very clever criminals, letting you pay via a "travel agency" for a suggested trip to your country: flight ticket, insurance, passport, covid test, solvency problem, housing costs, loan etc. ip addresses are from USA and Finland, but suggested from Ukraine, using a dating profile on Di 9-2-2021 12:58 Hello my sweet, my beloved and my dear Dirk! I miss you so much. My dear, are you doing well? Please, I beg you, forgive me for not writing to you for so long. Don't think that I've forgotten about you. But in our city we had big problems with the Internet for a long time. All this is due to the weather. It would be spring as soon as possible. And it would be better if you and I could welcome spring together. I am also very sorry that you didn’t write to me anymore ..... I very very much hope that you are doing well. Do not think that I am a fool who wants to write, wants not to write .... I love you and every day I thought about you. I am very ashamed that it all happened with you. And I understand that this is all because of me. You know, I can write for sure that I have never met a man like you. And I am very grateful to you for those emotions and the help that you gave. I am happy that you are in my life! And know that I remember about you and still worry. I really want you to be happy. I'll also catch it if you don't want to answer me anymore. ..... But remember that I still want to be near you! I love you very very much, my dear. My parents say hello to you I kiss you tenderly and hug you forever yours Viktoriia
Larysa Blazhkun Stolen identity (stolen pictures), fake Ukrainian passport
Elena Rakitina Dating and flying to America
Julia Siren was found on supposedly in a good dating site from Odessa, she lives in Odessa. Her full name believed to be different. Probably using Julia Siren from dating site and fake passport. Dating site is ok, she is not, she was turned off dating site for fraud. Also using famous Swedish model photos to attract traffic, Isabelle Aberg. She asked for money for phone $400, then for American Visa. $1400 US dollars was sent total in 1 month. I have receipts western Union sent to Maria Sereda (her grandmother she says). Now she says she doesn't know what is going on. on her communications with me. But she agreed to pay me back $500. when ? she has excuse for that tooStolen identity
Yulia Tuzova Fake Ukrainian passport EM775629, stolen identity