Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating site scammers

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Photos of scammers Surname, name Scam scheme Samples of messages
Valentyna Nedohybchenko Forged Ukrainian passport, stolen pictures
Tetyana Trokhymchuk Fake Ukrainian passports, stolen identity. Ukraine, city Krasnodon, St.Mira 1 She can only go by taxi from Krasnodon to Kyiv
Daryna Zvarych Met on the dating site Fake Ukrainian ID card
mail she uses for PayPal: Other phone number used by scammers: +380936099038
Camgirl: @sweetlovita
She said she needs the money to escape from Melitopol. She said there is a man, a special driver, who can bring peope out, but it costs. She claims that she is now in Lviv. And she asked again indirectly for money because she said she needs to pay for a place where she can live and that she has nothing, not even food. She claimed that she was born in Dnipro and that her mother is from Dnipro. But then she moved to Melitopol. Said, she doesn't have a copy of passport because the Russian soldiers took it from her.
Olga Ponomareva Fake Ukrainian passport, stolen identity.

Payment details used for a scam: Full name- Svitlana Denysova Address: 119 Lychakivska St. City-Lviv Country Ukraine
Hello Xxx))) My name is Olga) I'm new to a dating site, I want to find my love here or a good friend, and from what I've seen, only you caught my attention))) ... in Ukraine they say "" so that a woman's eyes shine with happiness, age, the color of a man does not matter)))))) you are a handsome man .. I decided to try;) I am a very, honest and loving woman, I love laughter and do not like lies, betrayal or playing with other people's feelings.

I am currently living with my mother, my father was killed when the Russians entered the town, he refused to go to fight for them and he was shot before our eyes, it's terrible! We lost someone very close to us! Before all these terrible events I worked as a fitness trainer, now unfortunately the gym is closed and there is no work, but I am not discouraged and I work out every day to stay in shape. I've also been developing new workout programs,
Yuliia Davydenko Fake Ukrainian passports, stolen identity, fake visa application. Money sent to Bogdana Hmelnickogo Prospect, 14 Dnipr, Ukraine.
Yana Weles Email message came sort of out of the blue... Fell in love immediately. Sends nude photos of herself. Persistently is asking for my telephone number... I am just having fun by engaging this scammer to waster his/her/whatevers time... Thank you for your message, it's nice to see and read your messages. I like to get compliments from you. I'm asking for your phone number. Miha, why don't you send your phone number? I really want to call you, see you in whatsapp. Miha, I don't like games, I want to call and be in touch. I hope you're not playing with me. Now I am very busy studying at the university, after university I need to go to a part-time job and still need to prepare all the necessary documents for the trip. Very little free time. Teaching dancing, I don't earn a lot of money, I only have enough for food, cosmetics and so on. But now I'm glad to have the opportunity to write you a letter. The documents are still in the process, so I can't tell you the exact date of my arrival, but as soon as I find out, I'll let you know. ------------------------------- I have great news for you, today the university signed an order for my transfer. I am actively engaged in the preparation of documents, and one of these days, I will let you know when and where I arrive. Mikhail, I don't understand why you ignore my request for a phone number. We live in the modern world, in the era of communications and fast communication. I am not a fraudster, and I am not pursuing selfish goals. I would really like to talk to you and hear your voice. And also to contact by video. I'm going on a trip soon, I'd really like to hear from you. To talk to you. Here is my whatsapp number +380 93 855 4508 .
Oleksandra Tymoshenko Wanted to get out of Ukraine and go to Poland. After sending her 200 USD, she claimed to be in Poland and I provided money for food, accomodation, and purchase of a passport. She claimed to have cracked her phone screen, and couldn't take photos. She couldn't do live location on WhatsApp, gave me a fake passport number, and refused to collect a phone from a shop in Warsaw I was willing to buy for her. In the end, she wanted 260 USD for accomodation and food, however, when I told her I would send it by Western Union and specify the country as Poland, she got angry and refused. All up she received 1120 USD from me over 2 months.
Ivanova Anna Pig butchering foreign exchange investment scam. Victim "handler" for on Coinbase Wallet. Aliases used: Anna Taylor, Anna Davies.
Karina Konovalova She writes as Anastasiia via Tinder. Asking you for conversation via Telegram or WhatsApp. After a while she asks for food and 450 Dollar for a save taxi out of Donetsk because of the war. She send you at the beginning several nice photos. And as she asks for money a photo of an Ukrainian passport. Bye the way it's the same photo like on US passport of Yana Novik, also mentioned here as a scammer.
Sofiia Burova Forgery of a Ukrainian Passport for Traveling Abroad