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Nataliia Kosenko My full name in English: Kosenko Nataliia Adress: Kalinina street 6/13, Molodogvardeisk, Lugansk region 94416, Ukraine Phone +380959413698
Olga Malanchuk - Vologzhanina ID 42478 introduces herself as veterinary doctor, but she is a store sale assistant laid off. Declares very bad luck and things get broke, her phone, notebook pc, sonic ion hairdryer, refuses to provide photos, asks for replacement as gift. with appealing stories. Except every different session she has inconsistency and lies. Her declared last name Malanchuk is different than the agency provided Vologzhanina that I could get only after meeting the agency imposed minimum $1000 on her in chats and gifts.Convinced me buy her a new phone as gift but after identity fraud by her I asked agency and her not to proceed or accept the gift. She took it and run with it still. She refuses to explain name discrepancy, uses foul language and insults. Refuses to show her face on chat video. Agency or her maybe using impostor(s) to scam.09:33:04 What makes you think that I lied about my last name? 09:38:29 telll me your last name now09:39:05 Malanchuk 09:41:02 that is not what this site released to me as your last name. why? did you get my email asking that I sent to the address they gave?09:43:37 Yes, I received a letter. Thank you,09:44:37 Mom came to me. I need to leave. 09:44:50 do not ignore what i am talking about. Why is your last name different on what they release and what you say it is. Explain.10:54:22 Perhaps they mixed something up, I have no idea. And in general, how does the surname affect a person? 10:58:46 Why do you need me to explain something? You only believe in yourself! I lie to you all according to your words11:01:30 Olga, which part of 'what they say your last name is different than what you say it is do you not understand'. Reply to my private email with copy of passport11:03:24 I’m not going to send you a passport. These are documents and personal data.16:44:44 you lied about your last name 16:45:56 I do not understand what you're saying. Something is wrong with you. drink will make you feel better. You have delirium and paranoia.16:50:11 you may or may not be the girl in the prophile photos, but you lied about your real name16:51:31 aahahahahhahhhaah I'm already ridiculous from this to be honest !!!!! is it just a laugh what is happening to you !! hahahhah
Olia Roddick She states she went to New York to see a friend in 2018 with this visa, says she lives in Kharkiv, but is from Kirovohrad originally She was going by the name Annet Olia Roddick her profile at was ID: 2681198She said that she had been to the US in 2018, to visit a Ukrainian friend who had married an American. She wanted me to pay for a visa and airfare package for her to visit me. The website she said she wanted me to contact was -, which the website says is located in Kharkiv. When I opened it, the website looked suspect to me. None of the media links worked, the “about” link was bogus, and in general it was pretty light on creditable travel information, I thought.She wrote that her father was from the UK and her mother was Ukrainian. This was why her last name was Roddick; I wondered if Olia was perhaps from an English family name, such as a grandmother or aunt but I don’t know.
Mariana Vlasiuk Ukrainian passport number: EX830937 Date of birth: May 19, 1985I got an email from: Shiny Girl, which was also sent to:
Nina Gurova Russian passport number: 3210973277 Date of birth: May 15, 1982
Kristina Zorkina Dating / Airfare / Visa Will play the long game. Don't be fooled she is a skilled liar. ------------- Ich mache das für einen Freund der hat dieser Person schon ca. 15000€ bezahlt Diese Person ist bei ihnen schon auf der schwarzen Liste. Ich habe nur Konto Daten wo die Überweisung hin gegangen ist. Im Anhang schicke ich ihnen die Daten.
Valentyna Sopelnyk Ukrainian passport number: MC075659 Date of birth: Nov 12, 1985
Simon Glover Ukrainian passport number: ME092341 Date of birth: Apr 1954 Duke Simon )))
Natalya Bogdanova Russian passport number: 71 2840735 Date of birth: June 01, 1990