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Olesia Bondarenko first trying by pictures to catch you later accepting a travel. If travel is fixed, asking for money.....then trying to catch with stories about needing luggage, by still presenting with pictures of luggage, money needed because of grandma...sending accunts of "mum" just to have food for traveling. If sent for one day, it is not enough.....and sending pictures of underwear... ask me, but stay away
Elena Solomina Mails with photos of a very beautiful girl, interest for serious relationship, she hopes to leave Russia for another country. She writes from an Internet cafe once a week and later asks for bitcoin to buy a laptop or smartphone to have the possibility to exchange mail more often Ciao Ciro! Grazie per la tua lettera. Mi fa piacere che tu abbia scritto per me. Spero che in futuro saremo molto amici, e può e altro ancora. Non so cosa dire nella mia prima lettera perché non ho mai conosciuto tramite Internet prima. Esso - qualcosa di nuovo e insolito per me. Ma ci proverò, scriverò buone lettere a te. Per favore, non essere troppo severo con i miei errori a parole, Italiano - non la mia lingua madre. Ma presumo di saperlo bene. Ciro, il mio nome - Elena, come saprai. Puoi nominarmi come preferisci. io non rimarrai deluso. A me di 38 anni. Il mio compleanno il 28 Luglio 1984. La mia altezza 1,70 cm. Il mio peso 56 kg. Vivo nella città di Saratov.
Viktoria Yevdokimova AKA Tatyana Vyergun aka Tetiana Bystriievska aka Marina
Translation scam We met on international cupid dot com She never actually directly asked me for money, but after she was sure to have emotionally steady grip on my balls, she then lead me to contact the "translation agency" by telling how hard her life was there in the middle of the war. She was strongly appealing to my emotions and I was sorry for her to have to live under such difficult conditions. So, as an emphstetic person I then contacted the Translation Agency.... Which may very well be runed by one and same person. Soon after that I woke up from my emotional dream and blindness and got back to my senses and started to systematically go through her emails and put my mind on what she had actually said in her emails. After I read them again analytically not emotionally, I realized that it had been a translation scam and I had been so stupid and blind for not realizing it before. The next day I got an invoice from the Agency ($325). I didn't want to reveal them that I already knew about their scam, but I wanted to see how long they were ready to go. This person who called herself Viktoria Yevdokimova had told me in one of her emails that she knew russian language. So I contacted a friend of mine who also knows Russian. That person translated my mail to this Viktoria. In that mail I said that the problem with the translation agency was now solved and she did not have to pay them anything anymore because my friend had promised to translate our conversation from that moment on. I was also using the same kind of dramatic language that she had used in her emails.. I was talking about fate that had put us together and blah, blah, blah.. She never answered me again after that email. That was the ultimate proof that she was indeed a scammer.
Dear XXXXX.... .... Do you want to know about my biggest disappointment in myself? Well, I do not want you to think something horrible. It is not though it is a kind of obstacle I will need to overcome somehow. I am talking about the fact that I do not know your language and it means that this language barrier can become a temporary issue for us. Sure, it does not mean that I am an incapable student who does not have enough talent to master a foreign language. No, I am very eager to learn your native language and (if we become a couple) I would want it to become my second native language. I am sure it is possible. It is pity that for now I have to address to the translation company where the people help me to get your and my letters translated. At the same time, during this disastrous war and horrible condition, when we do not have electricity, mobile connection, water, gas, I am happy that this company still manages to offer its services and that this company somehow finds the way to use Internet (yes, it is poor but still!). So, one day it will become my mission to learn your language and to get rid of the language barrier once and forever. Probably, in order write to me a letter you just need to start your PC or take your smartphone and type the text. To me our "date" is more like a ritual. I go to the translation company where I get your letter which is already translated and printed, then I sit down and write my reply to you on a piece of paper :) As soon as this letter is written, I give it to the translator.. She translates the letter, types and sends it to you. That is how our communication takes place in my world. Are you surprised? Maybe shocked? I hope no :). I am curious to know if you have something that scares you in life. Are you the person who likes to cope with your own fears or you just do not do what scares you? I am afraid of heights and also I am afraid of the war (pretty logical, I suppose). And as a result, I am afraid of losing the people whom I love.. I am afraid of getting older alone. Do you see how many fears I have? Do you have more or less? Some people say that the person should fight with the fears. So, according to this theory I need to jump with the parachute if I am afraid of heights. Haha, I would never do that as falling down from the sky and kill myself while fighting against my fear is not the most reasonable thing to do :) I am sorry I think that this letter contains so many questions and also sad things. It seems to me that I am too talkative. I do hope that it does not bother you :) I just want to tell you as much as possible about me and I want to know as much as possible about you :) Who knows, maybe these letters are the beginning of a lovely love story :) The time will show :) For now I just want to wish you a nice day and to tell you that I already start waiting for your next letter :) Kiss Viktoria ... The translation company charges me for every page of the translated text. One page of text (Times New Roman, 12 st) costs 5 USD... If you want, you can visit their official site and learn more about the services of this company: (Notice from the reporter: Do not click the link above...according to my antivirus program, It leads to a site that is not safe) .... I have to confess that my mood these days is pretty bad (though it is not surprising, I suppose). Everything that is happening in my world bothers and scares me a lot. As a result I feel pretty frustrated that my life does not go the way I planned. yeah, the same story you can hear from the millions of Ukrainians whose life started to change (at very high speed) since the 24th of February. I have to confess that the war in 2014-2015 also hit me and my life but this time the scale of the tragedy is much higher. To live and to never know what will happen tomorrow is pretty scary especially when you were deprived of the opportunity to work, earn money. It was scary for me to come to a small grocery shop with the intention to buy some food and realize that I can buy only a loaf or bread and a litre milk. This reality of my life has hit me severely today and I realized that very often we are the prisoners of the situation and it is not so easy to leave this prison and become free and happy (especially when the victory of Ukraine does not depend on civilians. It does depend on our brave soldiers and volunteers who are sacrificing their lives to liberate our country from the orcs). So, it is painful to realize that the whole life of mine has to be rearranged, all the things I did before has to be put aside. Please, do not think that I am trying to put the responsibility of my daily issues on your shoulders. I am just sharing with you my worries, my human concern. Pity that when you like the person, when you want to talk to him, to learn more about him, to charm him, you face the issue which does not allow you to realize your dreams and plans. Sure, I do not want to say that I am leaving you. Not at all! I will definitely try to find the means to cover the translations of our letters so that us, as two people who are trying to build the relationship, not to suffer from my personal issues which were caused by the war in Ukraine... Why is the life so unfair? the last thing I want is to lose you. I do hope and pray that it will not happen. Please, I am sorry for some sadness in this letter.. I hope I did not disappoint you and I hope that you will interpret my message in the right way. Be assured, even thought the sadness I am sending into your world my smiles, kisses and hugs. They should reach you very soon!!! Kisses and hugs Your Viktoria Email from the Translation Agency : Translation agency «WORD HOUSE» ================================================== Address: 93408 Syevyerodonyetsk, Khymykov street 85, offices 1-4 93101 Lysychansk, Pobyedi prospect 140, offices 7-9 92902, Kremyennaya, Shevchyenka str. 14, office 2 Tel: +38 (089) 120-50-36 (multichannel) E-mail:,, ================================================== WEBSITE: ================================================== Dear Mr. Xxxxx In the attached file you will find an invoice for the services you want to order on the amount of 325 USD.... Delivery method: Cash Pickup Delivery Location: Privatbank First name: Karina Last name: Herasymchuk city: Kreminna region: Luhanska oblast Sir, as soon as you make a transfer, please, send us Money Transfer Control Number (11 digits) which is needed for picking up the funds. If you have questions or requests, we will gladly help you the best way we can. Kind regards, Translation agency «WORD HOUSE» Manager: Herasymchuk Karina ================================================== Translation agency «WORD HOUSE» ================================================== Tel: +38 (089) 120-50-36,,
Maksymenko Alina Typical case of internet fraud. Met on Tinder. Because of the war in Ukraine, she was determined to leave the country. She promised to come to me. I transferred EUR 300.00 to her for the travel expenses (that was what you said). After the money was transferred, there was no contact for a long time. The trip then failed because there was allegedly a loan of EUR 380.00, which first had to be settled. Then it was the young lady's birthday, for which I transferred another EUR 100.00. Allegedly she lives in Kiev, often visits her mother who has another daughter of 2 years named Maria (pictures and videos are available). Well, we made another attempt on August 15, 2022, in which I transferred EUR 700.00 to her. This should then cover the debts at the bank and the transfer to Germany. Then suddenly the mobile phone broke and she asked me if I could provide a replacement mobile phone??? Coincidentally, one of her friends drives from Kiev to Cologne on Friday. I could give him the cell phone, which he could then give her. When I asked why she couldn't travel with her acquaintance, I received no further answer. The contact is still there today, whereby the young lady tries more and more to save herself with excuses than to give me concrete answers. Last night I watched her for a bit as she kept switching between online and offline on Whatsapp, even getting a message myself. After this message, she has been online and offline intermittently for the next 45, suggesting that the phone is working properly. Here are a few pictures of herself, her and her mother and her little sister Maria. It is a scammer whose intention is nothing other than to get money. Leaving Ukraine is never planned. After sending her money in 15.08.2022 she wrote: Thank you so much ... don´t have words Can´t believe Thank you so much my best man in the world. You are my angel.
Alla Baranova Used photos of a model from England, to make believe is her, and ask for money to travel to a different country to meet! My love, I’m ready to go any time! From my side I’m vaccinated! And this is all what I can allow by myself :)) I kept money for months to buy vacine. I understand clear that with Russian vaccine Sputnik I can’t go anywhere. So I did vaccine that accepted in all the world. I also have my passport to travel. It’s still available! BUT! You know that I need to renew visa, I need to pay again, I need to pay consular fee again, I need to prepare all the documents, I need to have cash, ticket, I need to come to the airport, PCR test, etc. I know everything what I need. I always think about this. I know every right step. I know that if I get the last chance I don’t have the right for mistake. But where from my side I can take 2600-2800$ for everything? If you can’t do this — tell me… We will be forever lovers on distance. And you will be in my heart and soul till the death. For sure… But I want to know the truth! If I will live alone all my life in pain — I want to know! So, please… Carlos…. Tell me… will you help me to come to you finally and forever??
Tetiana Chernykh Fake Ukrainian passport, stolen identity
Nina Panasenko Fake russian passport Nina Panasenko from Kulotino Russia
Oksana Khachykian Fake Ukrainian passport, stolen identity
Kateryna Horobets Fake Ukrainian passport
Irina Snisarenko Fake Ukrainian passport, stolen identity