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Tatyana Tihonova Loves you, needs money to come to the US or for a new phone. We met in mid-February on the dating site adult Friend finder where her screen name is 1990lady. She says she is a resident of kryvyi rih and works in the human resources department of "Metro", she calls it a business center, but I believe it to be the Metro Cash & Carry store. The address of her residence that she has given me is shevchenco st 78/21, kryvyi rih, her email address can be found in the subject header. She says she sends her emails when she is on break from work from an internet cafe called "alfa", sometimes she refers to it as computer club, which would be consistent with the times stamped on her emails which are always between 11:00 a.m. and noon Ukraine time on weekdays, apparently after she gets off work on Saturday she goes to what she refers to as the "village" to visit her parents so we have never made contact on Sundays and she has never mentioned the name of the village. She also states that she went to University in kryvyi rih, and has a degree in nursing but there were no openings for her in her field so she took whatever job she could get, and she says she has no cell phone because she dropped it and broke it beyond repair, this was about the time of the Russian invasion. She says the cost of cell phones is over $800 US. at this point in time because of the war, I don't know if I can believe this or not but it's not beyond the realm of possibility under the circumstances.tatty's birthdate is February 14th 1990. Stolen pictures/identity. AKA Tatyana Polyakova, Tatyana Samoylova, Vera Sotnikova, Elena Panina, Natalya Lyuta and Elena Astahova
Daria Horpynko Story about escaping Ukraine to Poland. Then needing money to get from Katowice to Warsaw. Then to buy new phone. Instead of selfies kept sending the same old pictures over and over again. She created multiple profiles on Travelgirls, which kept getting blocked by the system administrators.
Natalia Protasova Promise of marriage and future life together. I sent her $1760.00 to pay for VISA, medical exam, international passport, train ticket and airline ticket. Claimed that she needed $2860 to board plane in Moscow before boarding. I didn't have it to send her and she cussed me and disappeared. I am extremely happy that I can read your letter again. I am happy that I can recognize you from your letters. I always enjoy reading your letters, even in the evening after training. Today I signed up for a Pilates and Yoga group. It was a trial first lesson. While hard, the whole body hurts, but I will try and succeed. I hope that you are not tired of reading everything that I am writing to you, and that you are interested in continuing our communication. I am very glad that today two of your messages came to me, and you were able to write to me and answer my questions, I was also glad to see your photos, and I hope that you will send them to me with each of your messages, I would like that. You have a cool gym. It was interesting for me to read everything that you wrote to me and told me about yourself, I am glad that you appeared in my life, and I like our communication with you and I hope that every day you and I will get to know each other closer and closer. I am also very sorry to know that you had such an experience of communication on the Internet, it seems to me that I will never be able to understand such people about whom you wrote to me. Well, okay, they are not even worth it for us to spend our time on them in conversation. I hope that you are also interested in everything that I write to you. It's just that your messages have become for me the main part of my day and I am drawn to you, and I feel such inside myself that you have my soul mate. I hope I don’t scare you with these words, but it’s true what I think, and what is inside of me to you. Stacy, today I will tell you more about my family. My father's name is Andrey. He is a very important person in my life. And they always called me daddy's daughter. He is a man with a very strong character and military training. He is older than my mother by 7 years. Born and raised in the Republic of Belarus. We have Polish roots. My grandmother is father's mother, she is Polish. Stacy, my father served in the army after school! He continued his military career and decided to go to study at the military school of pilots. He was not allowed to fly for health reasons, but he stayed and was educated as a specialist in flight control from the ground. After that, he served under a military contract in many cities of Russia. After retiring from the army, in Russia it happens at the age of 45, he was invited to work at a civilian airfield. He works there now. He spent very little time on my upbringing, because he devoted most of his time to serving first in the army, then in civilian work, but that’s probably why I love him more, because I always had to wait for him. And when we spent time together, these were indescribable feelings. He was not strict with me, but always fair and if he punished, only if I deserved it. Mother's name- Olga. My mother is a gentle fragile creation even now, when she is slightly over 50. I think this is exactly what attracted her father to her. My mother was born and grew up in a simple family of workers, grew up in a village in central Russia. After graduation, she moved to a major city. She entered the ballet school, was a ballerina of the provincial theater. My parents met at the disco, then in the USSR it was very fashionable. How did your parents meet? Did they tell you? My mother and I have always been close. She is my best friend. She taught me everything she knows! Now our relationship has not changed. I can always ask my mother for advice and tell her about my experiences, she will always understand me. By the way, it was she who pushed me to yoga. She said that the gym and exercise machines develop muscles, and a woman needs flexibility and plastic. She taught me to run, and when I visit my parents, my mother and I run together. Stacy, I can talk endlessly about my parents. Now they live in Kotino somewhere in 100 km from Belovo. I love my parents very much. And what can you tell about your parents? Do you have any brothers or sisters? I will be looking forward to your letter. Natalia!
Alena Alekseevna Love Smanner Hallo mein geliebter und der einzige Andy! Ich habe deinen Brief bekommen... das Wetter ändert sich jeden Tag... heute, als ich nach draußen ging, sah ich alles feucht und nass um mich herum. in der Nacht gab es einen starken Regen, der alles überflutete... das hat mich sehr enttäuscht... aber ich bin noch mehr traurig darüber, dass ich dir morgen keinen Brief schreiben kann... warum gehen die Tage so schnell? wenn der Moment der Trennung für zwei Tage kommt, möchte ich noch stärker an deiner Seite sein, um dich nie aus meinen Armen zu lassen... gefühle reißen aus mir heraus... aber wie passt man all seine Gefühle in einen Brief? es ist wirklich unmöglich...
Liebov Ivanuha Fake Ukrainian ID. Typical. Very beautiful, model like, high educated (This time claimed to be a dentist) woman falls in love within two weeks, then soon comes an urgent Problem that needs to be solved with money... A little kid of course in some pictures to add the urgency in stress...
Anna Nituda Nituda ANNA Sergeevna is an excellant SCAMMER. She obviously has done this many times, is very cool and extremely convincing. Feeling sorry for the good people of Ukraine effected by this terrible war, I fell for her and her plea for help to get out of Ukraine and come to me in the USA, and for this, she needed and begged me for money... 11 times in writing over a 1 month period of time. 10 March 2022: Anna… because I really want to be near you. and I also have a > request for you... I have no job at all and very little money left, could > you help me?? could you send me money for food?? because of the war the > prices have risen a lot and I'm afraid that I might starve to death…. 23 March: Anna:I do not know how high this probability is, but it would be better to play it safe and go to the border with Romania. But it takes money, you know? I am very ashamed to write about this, because I am used to always providing for myself and resolving all issues, but now is the time when I do not have such an opportunity. I don't know how right it is to ask you for help, but if you are ready to help me, then I hope that you can help me with this. 23 March: It is important now that I leave Ukraine for a safe place, and then we can make a plan for our meeting, do you understand what I'm talking about???  I need your help. March 24- Anna:  I'm sorry I didn't answer you right away... I had a problem, I fell and hurt my back a lot... the pain is unbearable even now... I think I will need to go to the hospital tomorrow.  Will you please send me some money. Please help March26: Anna…You apparently didn’t even pay attention to my message that I fell yesterday and injured my back, it hurts me a lot to walk, bend over, turn around, I went to the doctor, I was prescribed medication, but now I don’t have money for it.  I don't know what to do... go to another country now or cure my back. What do you advise me?  Will you help me please? March 26- Yes OK I want to go now, but I need to buy medicines for the journey and I need money for the journey, are you ready to help me? March 26- I answered all your questions, I have been telling you all week that I want to go to Romania, I think that it is safe there now. All I need is the means to get there, you know?  will you help now? March 26- Yes, I checked the balance of the card, the money is already in my account, thank you. March 27- yes, I found a person who can take me to Romania in a day from Uzhgorod any day when I ask for it, but he wants money … March 27- Yes, I agree with you. The train is the best option. Dear, since I will go to your place and my parents will stay in Europe, I promised them that I will pay for their train tickets, because they will need money to settle in Europe, you understand me? So I will need more money March 27- I think that I need to book train tickets for me and my parents today or tomorrow, it will cost about 350$, I also need some money on hand so that I can move around Bucharest, I don't know how much money I need necessary. I still have $100 of those that you sent me, unfortunately now, everything has risen in price, especially medicines, and that's why I have so little money left. Dear are you ready to help me?? March 30-  I didn’t leave Uzhgorod, I told you that I don’t have the opportunity to leave now, I need more funds for this April 04- Anna, You AnastasiaDate Profile in February and March said that you were a Gynecologist, Intermediate in English and that you were short. In Late March and April, you profile now shows that you are a “Financial Expert.” that you are a Beginner in English and that you appear much taller. Now you tell me in your Telegram conversation: “What made you think I'm a doctor?? I told you that I am a teacher.
Tatyana Volkova First made contact on a free dating site called She then switched to WhatsApp to exchange email addresses with me. She gave me a story about how here phone was broken and she was trying to get it repaired. We emailed daily for 2 and a half weeks. She said she worked at a salon/barbers and was using the work computer. After 2.5 weeks she tells me her colleague has returned to work after an absence and now here boss has told her she must take her holiday allocation in the next two weeks. She says she wants to make plans to come visit me in the UK. I was sceptical but played along. A few days later she says she has met with a travel agent and has travel documents arranged. That was fast I thought. Next day she asks for half the price of her air fair to the UK. Around £400 pounds I think. The red flag moment was when she asked for the money in euros instead of rubles. (She claimed to be from Russia) I asked very politely for some basic proof of identification and her bank details. She then sent a long message about trust being most important and all we need. Plus a whole bunch of rambling and irrelevant other stuff. I replied asking for the proof I required but just got back more irrelevant waffle and a short teary video. Since then no more emails. Thank you for your letter. I am always very glad to receive letters from you. Thank you for taking the time to write to me. From the first letters of our communication, I felt that you are a good person!, From the first letters of our communication, my intuition told me that I can trust you! From the first letters of our communication, I felt a spark in my heart from which ignite a big fire! Also, we have been growing our "tree of love" throughout our short association. Of course, during this short period of our communication it is impossible to grow a large and strong "oak of love", but during all this time of our communication we managed to grow a small sprout, which is still weak and fragile. But this sprout has already taken root and is beginning to grow. You know, to grow a "tree of love" is quite difficult and it takes time!, but to destroy a "tree of love", it is very easy and fast. It seems to me that creating is always more difficult than destroying!, so you need to appreciate what you have created and try not to destroy it, try to store and protect it! And in order for the "tree of love" to grow big and strong, perhaps, an unshakable desire, aspiration and incentive are needed. And what would be this desire, aspiration and incentive, then there must be trust, respect and mutual understanding. I understand that you are skeptical of me!, I understand that you have a distrust of me, because we have known each other for a short time and because we have never met. Your distrust does not offend me, your distrust does not offend me. But you know, I communicate with you completely sincerely, with complete trust and deep respect. My heart and my intuition tells me that I must be honest and honest with you! You conquer my heart in a completely incomprehensible way to me, with each letter I want to communicate with you more and more!, with each letter I am drawn to you more and more!, Every time I go to bed I think of you! You settle in my heart deeper and deeper. And you know, the most amazing thing about all this is that all this happens to me for the first time in my life. Now I have no other men! And to be honest, I do not want to communicate with other men, because I liked you. I want to write only to you, to communicate only with you. I know the taste of deceit and the taste of betrayal!, I know how hard and painful it is!, that is why I know the price of deceit and betrayal, and in view of all this, I do not want to suffer! You know, I don't want to deceive anyone and I don't want to be deceived. I just want to be a happy woman, I want to love and be loved! - this is a simple happiness formula for me. But you know, my dear, I will tell you sincerely and honestly that after you told me that you have doubts about me, that you do not trust me., then my heart began to bleed !!!, our "sprout of love" began dry up!!! and my intuition starts whispering to me that I can probably be wrong about you!!! There are still doubts about your seriousness towards me, doubts begin to arise about your heartfelt sincerity towards me! Please understand correctly., I turned to you for help only because I trusted you with my heart and felt in you a reliable person! YES, I had a problem and I decided to share my problem with you!, after all, close people always share problems with each other and support each other in difficult times. But perhaps I was in a hurry, perhaps I made a mistake and in vain turned to you for help. Perhaps it’s my fault that I trusted you too much and saw in you a reliable person to whom you can turn for help. It is my fault that I opened my heart to you and shared with you my joys and successes, my failures and problems. This is entirely my fault that I opened my heart to you and gave you the key to the door to my soul. But based on all this, I still respect you and treat you with kindness. I do not take offense at you and do not accuse you of anything. I am still grateful to you for all your kind letters and for all the kind words that you wrote for me! Chris, I have no doubt that you will find happiness, because kind and honest people are destined to be happy! With deep respect and reverence for you, I will end my letter. In conclusion, I want to wish you sunshine and let the sun warm you as you warm me with your letters! Let your heart tell you only the truth and listen to your heart carefully! Do not deceive yourself and your heart! Thank you so much for your attention and for your sincerity! I am ready to appreciate the kindness of your soul and your heart! Your Tatyana
Alena Nikolaevna Devyatkina Tinder. Gives her e-mail immediately. Sends e-mails looks like old letters. Says that she does not have a smart phone, she does not want to spend time on internet. Asks for money for flight tickets. They are a team, “her mother” also in it. They speak spanish fluently, they dont have russian accent, I am pretty sure that they are from romania but using pictures of a russian girl! Instagram account of real pictures is @victorialanevskaya
Olena Kysliak Fake Ukrainian passport
Mariia Sirotko Romance scam for $650 to flee the Ukraine and get to Poland