Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating site scammers

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Photos of scammersSurname, nameScam schemeSamples of messages
Maria Cherniavska Ukrainian passport number: EH234098 Date of birth: Jun 23, 1991
Liubov Rabina Ukrainian passport number: EX803973 Date of birth: Feb 26, 1985I was scammed by this person please post received $3000 US
Yuliia Kuprynenko Ukrainian passport number: EK185161 Ukrainian ID card number: 000558058 Date of birth: Jun 11, 1995
Yulia Antonova Ukrainian passport number: EM426725 Date of birth: Jan 23, 1989
Elena Bagaeva Beneficiary bank: AK BARS Bank Account Number: 40817840300024493080 (USD) SWIFT: ARRSRU2K My full address is - city: Miass, state: Chelyabinsk Region. Street 8 Marta. House 106. zip code: 456300.
Tetiana Babenko Ukrainian passport number: EK753784 Date of birth: May 12, 1987
Olena Zhvanska Ukrainian passport number: BX664246 Date of birth: Jul 12, 1987
Forged Ukrainian passport: ВП044103 Date of birth: Jun 23, 1987 Stakhaniv, Lugansk oblast
Iryna Zelinska Ukrainian passport number: MB205319 Date of birth: Jan 28, 1990
Kateryna Zakharova Ukrainian passport number: EH385368 Ukrainian passport number: EH761808 Date of birth: Apr 04, 1986Ukrainian passport number: EH385368 Date of birth: Apr 04, 1986 Her name she says in English is Katerina Zaharova. Makeevka, Ukraine Chehova St 29/23 86108
Vladislava Zayarska Ukrainian passport number: FB211376 Date of birth: Feb 02, 1986 Ukrainian passport number: PH160755 Date of birth: Oct 02, 1984