Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating scams

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Photos of scammersSurname, nameScam schemeSamples of messages
Alisa Sokolovska Ukrainian passport number: EA190193 Date of birth: Apr 24, 1979
Tatyana Kryukova Ukrainian passport number: TB645110 Date of birth: Apr 07, 1991This is this a real adress in that area, I cant find it. Town Rovenky town Street - 12 Dekabrya , 64 Lughansk region Ukraine 94700Her name is Kryukova Tatyana .She said she is in Ukraine,Town Rovenky,Street-12 Dekabrya ,Lughansk region,phone :380967503059 .She sent a copy of passport to me above.It completely match a fake passport that you guys post on the website . I know she is a cheater now . Thanks for your website .I don't know how can I do after that ? Call policemen in Ukraine or provide our communication information (emails)to related department in Ukraine or you guys so that other peoples cannot be lied by her?Could you tell me how can I do ,please ?Thank you
Lena Malakhova We have had communication for last three months on Whatsapp. Already I sent her US$1000 for traveling but when she asked me that she needs to show US$3000 for Declaration Fee at the Airport Immigration, I suspected the case and came to you for the query
Hanna Nres she claimed to be from Ukraine and lived in the Russian Perm Ukrainian passport number: EK622040 Date of birth: Apr 26, 1986
Olha Zhmaieva Woman claims to have passport and is waiting for payment to Viking for airfare then she will obtain working vise to travel to United States. Ohla Zhmaieva Street: Stroitelnaya 50-9 in Pervomays\'k Ukraine Mykolayivs\'ka oblast zip 55200
Inna Chulkovska Ukraine passport number: PH965185 Date of birth: June 28, 1983
Tetyana Inyakhina Ukrainian passport number: EK704064 Date of birth: May 08, 1988
Natalia Petrovic Ukrainian passport number: HE736092 Date of birth: Jun 14, 1991
Tatyana Shablenik Ukrainain passport number: FK63025 Date of birth: Dec 24, 1988
Oksana Otroshchenko Ukrainian passport number: EH955732 Date of birth: Oct 03, 1989 Address- jukovo str 5/98 Lugansk Ukraine