Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating scams

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Photos of scammersSurname, nameScam schemeSamples of messages
Anastasia Mamonenko Ukrainian passport number: FG391500 Date of birth: Feb 04, 1998
Alina Golubova Ukrainian passport number: EH873032 Date of birth: Mar 06, 1988
Viktoriia Lysenko Ukrainian passport number: MH806345 Date of birth: Nov 07, 1985
Natalia Veduta Lugansk St, Oboranna 77/3 Ukraine 9100
Oksana Lamanova Ukrainian passport number: FB967394 Date of birth: Feb 02, 1987Her passport visa and tickets were all purchased thru Poekhali s nami who I confirmed are acting on Oksana’s advice
Maria Kishenko Maria Kishenko 63 Kalinina street Horlivka Donetsk Obast 84603 Ukraine DOB 12 May 1983 Ukrainian passport number: FB817074
Liliya Minina She claim to work as a pharmacist in her hometown in Artemovsk-Ukraine Ukrainian passport number: BH235123 Date of birth: May 11, 1984
Victoria Borysenko please do i do not want anyone else to be scam by these people i lost only $200 dollars but she wanted plane ticket would not let me buy on internet had to send cause trouble with russia cause flight to America problems her daughter works for travel agency and she needs to get ticket only this is some of the things that went onAddress: Dobrovolskogo Pr., street. 76, appt. 286. Ukraine, town Dnipropetrovsk she has supposed to have purchased visa for USA can you verify that she has, she says she owns a retail store that i do not know location but not far from her the name is Clothes for Kids
Yevgeniy Svintsov Russian passport number: 88 06 857808 Date of birth: Feb 02, 1987
Dmitriy Chernetsov Ukrainian passport number: EH365655 Date of birth: Jun 25, 1986