Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating scams

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Photos of scammersSurname, nameScam schemeSamples of messages
Snizhana Andriichuk This woman took me and took me almost $ 2500 ... to the fact that she was traveling with me to Turkey ... but she took the money and left me alone in TurkeyUkrainian passport number: EH223409 Date of birth: Oct 20, 1991
Aleksandra Lebedeva Russian passport number: 92 07 978265 Date of birth: Sep 03, 1985
Nataliia Papenko Ukrainian passport number: EX379083 Date of birth: Sep 30, 1989
Iryna Dovha Ukrainian passport number: KL018636 Date of birth: Mar 07, 1991
Svetlana Zarya Russian passport number: 71 2840735 Date of birth: Sep 10, 1987Hello my love X. I am very glad to receive your letter, here is my passport, I will be able to receive your money in any branches to which you send your help. Understand that if you do not send me your help, I will cancel our meeting next week, it seems to me that you are playing with me, you always have some problems with sending money. I really want to come to you, I want to feel the warmth of your arms, I want to kiss you, I hope that you also want this? I look forward to your letter, your love Svetlana.
Mariia Sazankina Russian passport number: 65 6920431 Date of birth: Aug 17, 1988
Lybov Voronina Ukrainian passport number: EH590368 Date of birth: Jul 29, 1988
Yulia Matul Ukrainian passport number: EH368243 Date of birth: Dec 20, 1994
Karina Voloshina Ukrainian passport number: FA897902 Date of birth: Jul 10, 1996
Ganna Povorozniuk Ukrainian passport number: ET899460 Date of birth: Jul 20, 1998