Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating scams

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Anna Bondarenko I have been communicating with a girl for weeks now and she send me her "passport". Now she lives in Lugansk region and suddenly says she need a permission to leave the area to go the airport, it would take 2 months unless she books the tickets herself through a local travel agency and then the pass is provided straight away. Of course I do have my doubts. Ukrainian passport number: BK838631 Date of birth: Apr 02, 1989Ukrainian passport number: EK477746 Date of birth: Aug 11, 1989
Viktoria Yakovleva Ukrainian passport number: CH046982 Date of birth: Nov 24, 1986
Tetyana Babichuk Ukrainian passport number: MM265632 Date of birth: Jun 27, 1992full name: Tatiana, surname: Babichuk, and her address is: Ukraine, 63734, Kharkiv region, city Kivsharivka 66
Yulia Brezhneva Ukrainian passport number: FB231370 Date of birth: Feb 10, 1985
Liliia Alfiorova Ukrainian passport number: FK657329 Date of birth: Sep 16, 1989
Valentina Sorokina Ukrainian passport number: EO390166 Date of birth: Apr 10, 1980
Maria Cherniavska Ukrainian passport number: EH234098 Date of birth: Jun 23, 1991
Liubov Rabina Ukrainian passport number: EX803973 Date of birth: Feb 26, 1985I was scammed by this person please post received $3000 US
Yuliia Kuprynenko Ukrainian passport number: EK185161 Ukrainian ID card number: 000558058 Date of birth: Jun 11, 1995
Yulia Antonova Ukrainian passport number: EM426725 Date of birth: Jan 23, 1989