Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating scams

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Photos of scammersSurname, nameScam schemeSamples of messages
Mariia Sazankina Russian passport number: 65 6920431 Date of birth: Aug 17, 1988
Lybov Voronina Ukrainian passport number: EH590368 Date of birth: Jul 29, 1988
Yulia Matul Ukrainian passport number: EH368243 Date of birth: Dec 20, 1994
Karina Voloshina Ukrainian passport number: FA897902 Date of birth: Jul 10, 1996
Ganna Povorozniuk Ukrainian passport number: ET899460 Date of birth: Jul 20, 1998
Marina Bobrovska Ukrainian passport number: EH340656 Date of birth: Nov 25, 1988I have not yet been asked for money but she first contacted me telling me she has an aunt in Sacramento and had already been to the US the first time. She wishes to get married and refuses to first meet me in Kyiv. She claims she lives in the center of the city and yet lost her job due to the Covid 19 pandemic
Lera Yehorova Ukrainian passport number: FG179139 Date of birth: Jul 22, 1995
Tetiana Prokopenko Ukrainian passport number: EH078825 Date of birth: Sep 15, 1988Tatiana Prokopenko: Here’s some snapshots. My suspicions were raised from black & white photos of parents, her knowledge of English language impeccable, wanted to buy the Airfare herself, never could do live video so I think she’s not the one in the Photos.
Anna Marray First Name: Anna Last Name: Marray Date of Birth: June 13 1982 Only child with Mother and Father diseased in Donetsk conflict Mother\'s side grandparents reside in Manchester, England (no other direct family) Phone Number: +380 (97) 838 76 85 Email:
Alla Boykova Ukrainian passport number: PH407352 Date of birth: May 22, 1984