Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating site scammers

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Photos of scammersSurname, nameScam schemeSamples of messages
Elena Larionova Fake Russian passport. After six months of communication, she asked for money
Marina Muzurova She told me she was a pediatrician. I actually transfered 1200 to her bank from mine and then I transfered another 3200 USD as well. That's the money she said she was robbed at the airport.
Fake Russian passport, stolen pictures
Detailed story about Marina Muzurova scam
Katerina Grinchenko Fake Ukrainian passport
Anna Speranskaya Fake/stolen identity, fake Russian passport
Natalia Koznyetsova Been chatting on, cost me a fortune to keep buying "Credits" to be able to chat...$600 for one day, $200 for roses...and now she wants me to buy her a IPhone, or a laptop thru the website so we can video chat! I first got suspicious, when she posted a picture of her and her son....did not look like her at that I have her email, they are pretty scattered!I'm still awake Dear, I just want to tell you that I want to come to you so badly to show My Love. Do you remember that you said that you would help me come to you? do you think it's time yet?
Victoria Victoria Money for Visa and PassportIn love after one week
Anna Loboda Name, pictures and profession is probably real; uses everything to praise and confirm the victim, is asking the victim to produce a video of himself and send, Builds up trust over long time, sketches bright common future; promises early in communication to be faithful, but there was no need to do so, after a couple of month her father needed hospital, then her mother, then she herself. As result of her disease she cannot work anymore and has to give up her flat. She avoids to ask directly for money; between the lines it's more than clear. She is extremely good in making doubts go away and manipulating by words. She is less good in protecting her private profiles, (hint: search not only in latin, but also in cyrillic letters).I really like your idea to come in March))) It will be pretty soon. The only thing I'm very afraid of is the fact that the situation with the corona virus could get worse at any moment. Your presence in my life cannot be estimated with words !!! This is the most beautiful event that has happened in my life
Irina Dubella Dating scammer
Elena Larionova Has a visa a passport and itinerary for travel says Russia will not let her leave country without travel money
Svetlana Morozova She says she likes only you and your daughter, but she is interested only in money. Communication is bad, she tells you she needs money for a new modem to have better communication with you... and she asks for presents. She tells she is not a timewaster and she wants to meet you soon but in different rooms because she is 36 and... still virgin, cause of her heavy education !!! Very hard to believe but this is the best way to have travel and shopping without any kind of relationship. She sends love words, kisses and hearts... but only to have money transfer. And when you stop sending money she closes communication with you. Looking on the web you discover she tried to be a model without success and she payed to get the driving license, at least so she says. From this experience she understood all the world works on money... and this is what she believes. Do you think she is interested in you, love and family ? No, she hates to go working and to come back home late and she wants to change her life. I sent money for the modem, of course the communication was of the same level and after some days it stopped because I sent no more money :) If you are looking for feelings or for a family, it's better you use your money for another dating... She uses different surnames: Moro, Rozova... She is registered in Paypal like honeypomidorka