Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating scams

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Photos of scammersSurname, nameScam schemeSamples of messages
Hanna Khirina Ukrainian passport number: EK569224 Date of birth: Apr 01, 1984
Yulia Umuanskaya I met a Ukrainian girl online app INVITE TRAVEL and started talking with her on whatsapp from her number +380974426436 and email Almost one month we were chatting and communicating we decided that that we should meet in Turkey Istanbul. I booked hotel for her and air tickets and as per her saying that she needs 1700 USD to show to immigration officer as first time traveling to abroad. Overall she took 2530.00 USD I am victim of online fraud by group of people operating from Ukraine. I have given all details in my email. Matter is required to be investigated and culprits should be caught to avoid further such kind of frauds.These are 3 girls involved in this whole fraud Yulia Umuanskaya she is main player took 2530.00 USD Irina Trubnikova She received Western union 7 transactions 4600.00 USD Viktoria Shevela She received USD 2000.00Total amount they robbed me USD 9130.00Read the detailed story
Olga Bagornova Russian passport number: 64 8464784 Date of birth: Oct 25, 1981
Irina Novikova Ukrainian passport number: EH235121 Date of birth: May 07, 1984
Valentyna Mazhnikova Ukrainian passport number: BH399356 Date of birth: May 22, 1993Valentyna Mazhnikova and address Donetsk, 83028, Dzerzhinskogo 18.89
Elena Borisova Russian passport number: 71 9503713 Date of birth: June 23, 1991
Ksenia Kazakova Ukrainian passport number: EE345643 Date of birth: Apr 21, 1993
Snizhana Andriichuk This woman took me and took me almost $ 2500 ... to the fact that she was traveling with me to Turkey ... but she took the money and left me alone in TurkeyUkrainian passport number: EH223409 Date of birth: Oct 20, 1991
Aleksandra Lebedeva Russian passport number: 92 07 978265 Date of birth: Sep 03, 1985
Nataliia Papenko Ukrainian passport number: EX379083 Date of birth: Sep 30, 1989