Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating scams

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Simon Glover Ukrainian passport number: ME092341 Date of birth: Apr 1954 Duke Simon )))
Natalya Bogdanova Russian passport number: 71 2840735 Date of birth: June 01, 1990for 3 months i was e/mailing natalya bogdanova she told me she was in love with me trying to get tourist visa asked for my address she had my name
Ekaterina Ysoltseva Russian passport number: 722494746 Date of birth: Sep 06, 1989
Mary Holm Russian passport number: 51 4421403 Date of birth: Nov 01, 1977
Lisa Robinson Russian passport number: 76 7854836 Date of birth: June 12, 1977
Anastasiya Krivova Russian passport number: 5217952495 Date of birth: Jun 06, 1974
Marina Korets Ukrainian passport number: EM866514 Date of birth: Mar 25, 1988
Lana Yevtushok Ukrainian passport number: FC75132 Date of birth: Sep 12, 1992
Valentina Zakharova Russian passport number: 2202904177 Date of birth: May 05, 1984
Tetiana Kolesnyk I met her via , dating site , she was based in Odesa , her mobile number is +380994496964 I sent money to this Ukrainian lady and she just used me, I think she is in internet scam