Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating scams

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Photos of scammersSurname, nameScam schemeSamples of messages
Natalia Lunova Ukrainian passport number: PK586228 Date of birth: Jul 13, 1981
Oksana Grabovy Ukrainian passport number: FG466314 Date of birth: Jan 21, 1989
Olga Potapova Ukrainian passport number: 62 2396853 Date of birth: Sep 28, 1987
Olha Stechyshyn Ukrainian passport number: FU289604 Date of birth:
Kuriach Yuliia Ukrainian passport number: ER396129 Date of birth: Jun 15, 1996
Alona Aveskulova Ukrainian passport number: FA125388 Date of birth: Oct 22, 1984
Iryna Koganova Ukrainian passport number: BE308246 Date of birth: Aug 08, 1988 Address: Lozowaya, Monastyrskaia street, 22, 3 They claimed to have the company working on her passport and visa if I would pay around $500 USD
Natalia Nykyforchuk Ukrainian passport number: EH628523 Date of birth: Jul 13, 1988
Nina Novikova Ukrainian passport number: ME112089 Date of birth: Aug 12, 1988 Address: Komsomolskaya Str. 123/27, Gorlovka, Ukraine 284601
Svitlana Hnylytska Ukrainian passport number: AT844422 Date of birth: Dec 17, 1981I am a foreigner man,this lately dated an Ukrainian lady online through internet,after exchanging letters and photos via Emails and watsap,we liked each other and we want to start a mutual life. I asked her for visit in Ukraine but she says she lives in Krasnodon city where there is a tension over the ukrainian theritories with Russia and entering in the city for me as a foreigner is difficult. I asked her to come to my country she said she has only a local passport and she needs to get her international passpoerl and a visa for traveling overseas which she cant afford its expenses,i told her send me a scan of your local passport for visa process,and she sent me.