Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating site scammers

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Photos of scammersSurname, nameScam schemeSamples of messages
Elena Matlaeva Forged Ukrainain passport: EH879011 Date of birth: Oct 02, 1986
Marina Golmakova Forged Ukrainian passport: EH647853 Date of birth: Feb 05, 1988
Irina Shpyrko Forged Ukrainian passport: OO443371 Date of birth: Jun 12, 1987
Natalia Pahlan Forged Ukrainian passport: ER386347 Date of birth: Apr 22, 1990
Alisa Pavlenko Forged Ukrainian passport: AM630870 Date of birth: Mar 01, 1994
Tatiana Kliuchka Forged Ukrainian passport: EK495610 Date of birth: Dec 03, 1981
Mariya Zuieva Forged Ukrainian passport: EH980788 Date of birth: Jan 21, 1987
Yulia Boyko Ukrainian passport: ET675102 Date of birth: Sep 09, 1983
Marina Abramchuk Abramchuk Marina. My address is 93100 Ukraine, Lysychansk, 40 lyet pobyedi 11/8. My phone number is +380506624945.
Olga Shardinsk Miss Olga, Shardinsk - Russia, Email address -
UPD: this is her new email, ,