Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating site scammers

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Photos of scammers Surname, name Scam scheme Samples of messages
Victoria Kushka Victoria Kushka Ukrainian passport number: EH615077 Date of birth: June 30, 1983
Svetlana Shevchuk Svetlana Shevchuk Ukrainian passport number: FF858438 Date of birth: Jul 12, 1988
Mariya Semenova Mariya Semenova Through my company, I help people in need through one of two ways—either through outright gifts given on a “Pay it forward basis” or with interest-free loans. Since 2007, we have bestowed €52.648 in outright gifts to people in need by helping pay partial bills for housing, college educations, law school tuition, and cars; setting up trust funds for children of single parents; and other expenditures from verified sources. When gifts are not practical, we also make loans to deserving individuals; in that same period of time, we have made €44.762 in loans. This complaint involves a scheme where we were defrauded of €9.000 (639.000 rubles) in loans by two scammers: a woman using the name Mariia Alekseevna Semenova (email:; Skype: maria.semmm) and a man pretending to be a private lawyer named Mikhail Kolomeytsev (email: A big article about this scam is avaliable on our blog
Elena Zhalkovskaya Elena Zhalkovskaya Passport number: EH761006
Date of birth: Jul 25, 1986
Has one more Ukrainian passport EH302388 for a different name: Nikolayenko Olena
Place of birth: Rovenky, Lugansk oblast
Asked $300 for a new passport
Yuliia Zelenska Yuliia Zelenska Ukrainian passport number: AE713657
Date of birth: Jan 25, 1985
Katerina Pavllova Katerina Pavllova Ukrainian passport number: EH647583
Date of birth: May 10, 1985
Ekaterina Furyk Ekaterina Furyk Passport number: EK267431 Date of birth: May 15, 1986
Yana Trubnikova Yana Trubnikova Ukrainian passport number: EN565655
Date of birth: Dec 12, 1983
Ganna Shiyan Ganna Shiyan Ukrainian passport number: EA983881
Date of birth: May 14, 1985
Viktoriia Kerez Viktoriia Kerez Ukrainian passport number: EH019813
Date of birth: Sept 21, 1987