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Alina Dolina Asks 200$+ for Ukrainian passport - "everything can be done fast and easily within 3 till 5 fine days"
I got to know her via on September 2019. She goes by the name of Alina Lisa @ Alina Linochka.We chat using the chat facility on We exchanged emails. Her email is lisalinochka@gmail.comShe used 2 of the pictures that you uploaded.We communicate via email from October 2019 to February 2020.She is from Zghurivka, Kyiv Region, her father is an electrician, her mother is a housewife, she graduated from National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, work in the school district as a cultural affairs officer etc.What made me suspicious of her is that she just "ghosted" me out of a sudden. Since February 2020, there were no new messages from her.While corresponding with her, I did some searches on the Internet and spoke to some people. I found out there were 85 searches made by people using her email as a reference which made me suspicious enough to stop pursuing to chat with her after hearing testimonies of people getting scammed from Ukrainian girls.However, I did managed to chat with her on last week and she seems "puzzled" that I remembered her. As of today, she blocked me from and from there I did some searching and I come across your site. I believe she is closing her account.
My name: Alina Surname: Dolina Address: Kiev region, town Zghurivka, Vishnevaya street, house 31, flat 7, here is mine number +380508672609, The one issue is that such "joy pass" costs 237$,everything can be done fast and easily within 3 till 5 fine days. By profession my dad is an electrician and mum is housewife, I live together with my parents in small town Zgurovka of Kiev region. Five years ago I graduated Kiev University of Dragomanov and got education in pedagogy, I work in my town in local school and take the position of manager of cultural school events.
Olga Trofimova We met at a dating site and started chatting. From the very beginning she was very eager and was sure to try and sweeten the conversations with words like ¨honey¨¨dear¨ etc.. She claims to have a business Managament degree but due to living in Luganks, she claims she has no opportunities and works in a beauty saloon doing nails for the moment. Claims to have a salary of 150-200€/month. She said soon in August she would have a holiday and would love to come and spend it with me in my country but says she has no international passport to travel. I offer to pay for ticket and she would have no expenses here while on a 2 week vacation but she would have to take care of the passport first and send me a copy in order for me to book and pay for the flight myself.At first she claims she will need 200€ in order to get a passport expedited in 7 days and that she would need to find someone to lend her that amount. Obviously she did not find anyone. At this point in the conversation i am just playing the game in order for her to send me documents so i can expose her. I offer to pay also for the passport fees using western union or money gram service and i ask her to send me a picture holding a phrase which includes my name, her ukranian id photo and she also includes voluntarily (of course) a pic of her bank card.Claims the services i chose don’t work there and that i should register in paysend and charge her card. Now the cost have risen to 370€ lol and she breaks it down this way:¨honey, i don't see a way for me to collect enough money for trip, because i need 200 for passport, 90 for trip to Kiev and 80 for test that i dont have virus, i can't travel without it from here, so it means i need 370 euro and i can't borrow such amount of money¨i asked her to have video chat but she claims that internet is very bad here she is so it is not possible.i asked her to resend the pic with the sign with my name but simply hold it with both hand in front of her lips. This is because the photo she sent i have doubts that is a good photoshop but it is easy to fake hen in a corner of the picture and it would be more obvious if put in the middle of the composition. The lighting/shadow of the paper does not seem to match the lighting of the main photo.
Natalia Davydova Hello, Would like to let you know about a fake ID/Pasport.I attached a photo to proof that. This person is a scammer and hope someone can find her,she deserve to be in a prison. Lidia Kostadinova Thanks for your attentionNovocheboksarsk, The Chuvash Republic, 2/1 Pionerskaya Street, apt. 22
Svetlana Kolisnyk Ukrainian passport: FK725866 Date of birth: Mar 18, 1986 Also famous as Svitlana Aksamitovska and Svetlana Nesenyuk
Mariya Malishevska No phone number and the usual way of removing profile quickly after getting e-mail on ukrainedate
Ekaterina Pospelova Fake Russian passport: 720958139 Date of birth: July 30, 1990
Iryna Bobrova Fake Ukrainian passport Date of birth: Feb 10, 1997
Oksana Slieptsova Money for passport travel airplane ticket for relationship that may lead to marriageHello, my best man and loveliest angel in this world!Yes, I got the ticket details and please tell me if I have to print it somewhere ?I still can not believe that the next week I will be in your hugs already.My love, I looked up that you took a return flight for me on the 3rd of October, but my love, in this case I will also need a visa, because I can stay without a visa only 90 days there.Tell me if you will change a flight or I can get a visa here in the travel agency. I think the price is for about 100 dollars.My Al, to talk about the amount, I think that the bus tickets will cost for about 180 dollars for the return tickets.My honey, let me know what should we do about my departure back?Love you, all yourd, Oksi Hello, my wonderful man Al! I am so soarry for being silent. Please, forgive me.These weekends were terrible for all of us, because of the heavy storm and rainy weather. We had such a heavy wind that a lot of trees fell down, roofs fell down from the houses, almost all the town was without the electricity, because the cables were damaged. That is why I did not wrote you. I only read a lot these weekends and walked in the street yesterday, when the weather became better and calmer.The electricity is just re[aired and the first thing I do is contacting you.My mother called me and told me that the roof in their house also fell down and now a part of the house is not covered with the roof.Now I do not know hpw to deal with all these damages. If it will be rainy soon, the part of the house will be wet. I will go to visit them tomorrow to see what is possible to do.Honey, I would gladly come to Kiev a day before my departure.I am so happy and I appreciate that you care of me and think about my comfort. It is a great value for me.It was so cute to see my photo in your house, ohhh, you are so lovely, my best men!By the way, I really agree with you that lady looks verly alike me. BUT I HOPE YOU LIKE ME MORE:) Do you also communicate with her?Hope your weekends were much better than mine. I was thinking about you so a lot!With love, Oksi
Valentina Storozhenko Ukrainian passport number: FD022044 Date of birth: Nov 02, 1999 Send money for travelling together after getting one to book flights.I work in travel agency and study of journalism.I mean when you ready buy this fly tickets let me know(Buys tickets)See you soonNext dayCan we talk ?(Talking says need to send money for entering country for travel and implies also for coronavirus testing)(Blocked me when I showed documents that she did not need money for entering country, but only letter from me to say I would cover costs)
Svitlana Aksamitovska Ukrainian passport number: EH855375 Date of birth: Mar 18, 1986
Also famous as Svetlana Nesenyuk and Svetlana Kolisnyk