Black list of Ukrainian and Russian dating scams

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Photos of scammersSurname, nameScam schemeSamples of messages
Lyudmila Khramova Fake Russian passport number: 70 9849056 Date of birth: March 09, 1985
Elena Zinoveva Russian passport number: 36 9482264 Date of birth: Jun 22, 1986
Tetiana Novikova Fake Ukrainian passport: EK752947 Date of birth: Nov 02, 1986
Olga Zobnina Fake Russian passport: 72 9510817 Date of birth: Sep 09, 1987
Svitlana Ulianina Fake Ukrainian passport: EH973367 Date of birth: Aug 07, 1988
Olena Maksymova Fake Ukrainian passport: EH787552 Date of birth: Nov 06, 1988
Yana Yeliseieva Ukrainian passport: FB703573 Fake Canadian visa in Ukrainian passport: C118938396
Uri Andrei Ukrainian passport: FE159947 Ukrainian passport: EH567877 Date of birth: Aug 31, 1960
Olga Saniuk Ukrainian passport: BK565884 Date of birth: Oct 13, 1987
Krystyna Mishcechkina Ukrainian passport: FK889273 Date of birth: Aug 25, 1992