Background check in Ukraine

Verification of biographical data in Ukraine

Check background of Ukrainian girl from dating website

We will go where you tell us to go and find out everything you need about your Ukrainian girlfriend from dating website: real name, address, place of work, average day activity, does she have a boyfriend and other information.

For example, you met a girl on a dating site. You communicate for some time. Afterwards, you are ready to build a serious relationship with this girl from dating website (maybe even to get marry). However, many times she can be suspicious: not to tell you everything or you might have other doubts. She can be unfair because the Internet is full of scams and some people set up for others. We’ll help you dispel your doubts and find out the necessary information about your Ukrainian penpal.

We are ready to go promptly to any place in Ukraine and find the necessary information or perform specific assignments. We will be your eyes in Ukraine.

When investigation is finished, you will get a full report, including photos and collected evidence.

Please contact us, make a request and we’ll send you the costs.


Verification of biographical data in Ukraine

We offer you a service for deep verification of personal data of individuals and legal entities in Ukraine.

Information you should know before ordering the services:

How is the cost of the service determined?

Availability and cost of the professional services providing by our agents strongly depend on the place where they work. Stay and work in some cities and regions of Ukraine is more expensive than in others. Therefore, this service has no constant price, except for verification, which are conducted online.

The online verification service is verification of Ukrainian passports and verification of Ukrainian marriage agencies and dating sites. They are carried out by our specialists in the office. Other services require on-side visit of the professional investigators.

So when you apply with information on your case, we ask the local specialists to evaluate their services. The investigation may also be carried out by our specialists. On average, the budget of such verification includes 2-5 working days of the agent.

Please take into consideration, that verification of personal data in Ukraine is a rather expensive service, which providing takes some time.

If the three stages verification lasts on average 2-4 working days, then verification of the marriage or birth certificates may take 1-4 weeks. There are appropriate reasons therefor:

  • The laws concerning personal information protection in Ukraine are harsher than in many European or Western countries. So often our agents are very limited in the type of sources to which they have legitimate access
  • Ukraine is a large country (the largest in Europe). It has a complex administrative division: 26 regions and many districts. Each of these districts has local authorities. State and local authorities rarely share information among themselves, and usually they do not share it with third parties. Therefore most of the information is not readily available for our agents. Access to the necessary data is a real challenge.
  • Ukrainian authorities (especially local) still keep records in the paper form. So often our agents have to work in archives and search by hand, without using computer.

Do not expect that it will be easy to obtain any copies of official documents.

Because of bureaucracy and harsh confidentiality laws, it is very difficult and expensive to get access to the private documents in Ukraine. Marriage and divorce entries, estate sale contracts – all of these documents are very difficult to be received in a legal way.

If you wish to obtain the official records and substantiating conclusions made in the process of investigation, you should give a bit more notice. The total cost of the service will largely depend on this requirement.

You can be limited in your ability to use the documents you received through our agents.

Typically, our agents receive the necessary documents evading the confidentiality laws. They get them at their own risk. If you try to use these documents later in formal proceedings, the investigators will say that they have nothing in common with these documents and will not support you in court.

If you plan to use in court any of the documents received with our help, please discuss these plans with us before the investigation, because the additional steps may be required in order to get these documents in a manner that will allow using them later.

Come to know about other investigation services before to ask for observation services.

An observation service is very popular but also very expensive. In fact, the observation service is the most expensive way to get information and makes about $US 25 per hour. This service can be available not for all regions. When planning, learn other possible (top priority) versions. Sometimes gathering together the observation plan and the team that would have to execute it takes some time (days, sometimes weeks).

Verifying identity of a person in Ukraine

Do you feel that you have become a part of a love scam in Ukraine? Order verification of the person’s identity!

  • Verification of the person (full name, residential address, date of birth)
  • Verification of the validity of the Ukrainian passport
  • Verification of the photos
  • Verification of the authenticity of the home phone
  • Verification of the authenticity of the mobile phone
  • List of all registered residents at the indicated address
  • Verification of the actual residence place
  • Verification the actual place of work
  • Verification of tenure
  • Current family status
  • Children (official entries)
  • Verification of daily activities
  • Verification of criminal violations (traffic regulations, arrests, convictions)
  • Other services out of this list

How can anyone order verification of personal data in Ukraine?

The ability to perform and the exact cost of the service is always previously coordinated with the local agents.

While some services may be valuated uniformly in all cases, the cost of the in-depth verification services varies greatly depending on the level of confidentiality, the location of the subject, the investigators’ schedule, and many other factors that affect the price. So before you order the service, you need to specify its availability and price in your preferred location. For this purpose you must contact us.

After receiving your request, we will connect with the investigator in your chosen location and clear up the prices. This process can take sometimes 2-4 days.

Once we have the price, we will notify you per e-mail. If you are agree with the offer, you will receive instructions for payment for services you have selected. After payment your order will be activated.

Important information

Usually, the first phase of the investigation is verifying the person (full name, residential address, date of birth). The cost of this service is constant for all inquiries.

Gathering information from public records usually is the second stage of the investigation.

The third stage is on-the-ground research. At this stage our agents come into direct contact with people. It is about gathering information through neighbors, acquaintances, friends, family members and, possibly, observation. Usually, this phase is paid hourly.