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check russian passportVerification of Russian passport

There are two types of Russian Passport: Internal Russian Passport and Russian Passport for travel abroad. Both are frequently used by scammers to fraud their victims. Therefore, to check Russian passport is a good idea.

Fraudsters use Photoshop to modify personal data: holder’s name, picture, series number and date of birth. They do a forgery of Russian passport to match their legend or pretend to be someone else. So, for unprepared person that sees a Russian passport for the first time, it is difficult to know whether it is real or fake.

Russia is known for its beautiful girls. Accordingly, Russian girls are in a huge demand for men around the world.
Today, the Internet is filled with dating sites / marriage agencies with Russian women. Often there are cases of fraud and swindle when the woman is insincere. When instead of love and warm relationships you are dealing with a gold digger, which simply sucks your money.

Have you lost confidence to your pen pal girlfriend? Do you feel she is trying to cheat you? Ask her to send a copy of her passport (under any pretext). Send it to us and we’ll check her Russian passport. Thus, verification of Russian passport can save you a lot of money.

Russian passport check. How does it work?

You have to send us a copy of Russian passport you want to check. Pay for the service on our website or by Western Union/ MoneyGram.

We know everything about Russian Passport: how should it really look like, its holograms, stamps, marks, seals, pictures, numbers etc.

Within 24 hours, our specialists will make a visual inspection of the document. In addition, we check passport number and series on the subject of internet fraud.

Order the Russian Passport check – save your time and money!

Price for the Russian passport check

$US 90 per passport
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