Getting married to a foreigner: nuances of a marriage registration and immigration permit for movement to Ukraine

Getting married to a foreigner in Ukraine
Things you have to know before getting married in Ukraine

Statistics show: every thirtieth marriage in Ukraine is contracted with a foreigner. What nuances of legal residence on the territory of Ukraine are important to be known by a foreigner married to a citizen of Ukraine?

A marriage between Ukrainians and citizens of other countries is a quite common event. When it comes time to marry, the questions appear: what is a state registration of the marriage and what are its consequences for the future family and their children. In most cases, the issues are about citizenship. READ MORE

Is it required to change a Ukrainian passport after changing a surname?

Is it required to change a Ukrainian passport after changing a surname?
What important Ukrainian documents are subject to change after changing a surname? What threats does the untimely change of the documents bear?

By tradition of the soviet times many women in Ukraine change still their surname after getting marriage. But hardly anybody thinks about spending time and money for putting documents in order.

While, there are married couples keeping their premarital surnames because they do not wish to bother about changing the documents. Someone can be afraid of reissuing the documents in case of divorce. READ MORE

The SSU liquidated production of false passports in Kyiv

Security Service of Ukraine covered illegal activities of an organized criminal group in KievThe Security Service of Ukraine covered illegal activities of an organized criminal group in Kiev. Law breakers for certain payment forged passports and other documents which enabled unhindered crossing the border of Ukraine.

The press centre of the Security Service of Ukraine informed about searches having been made simultaneously in six houses of the law breakers. The equipment used for producing the false documents was found there.

Also, the law enforcement officers found passports and other strictly accountable documents with the forgery evidences and elements. READ MORE

Terrorists bought Ukrainian passports by a resident of Donetsk

false documents for militias in Donetsk regionThe security forces covered an underground network for producing false documents for militias in Donetsk region. Production was organized by a resident of Pokrovsk which sold Ukrainian passports to occupants of the “DNR”.

The security forces making the search discovered scores of passports of citizens of Ukraine with all signs of forgery and also equipment for making a stamp on the photographs in the documents. The security forces also found blank forms with imprint of the coat of arms. Such certificates are usually issued in order to pass the registration procedure for temporary relocation easily.

The woman also concealed certificates of birth, reports of passports lost and stolen. About four scores of letters of verifications and 60 photos were also found by the SSU.

The ways, in which Ukrainians have established the business of selling fake EU passports

get a passport of one of the Eastern European countriesIntermediaries offer issuance of both fake European passports and alleged real documents.

Together with the influx of refugees the business of selling the fake passports flourished in Europe. Illegal immigrants buy documents of the EU countries for just a few thousand Euros with which they can move freely within Europe, as well as live and work. One of the underground syndicates centered in Greece and having a branch in the Czech Republic was recently caught by the Europol. READ MORE

Documents issued by separatists of the DNR and LNR are invalid

fake dnr lnr passportsWith the beginning of fighting in the East of Ukraine┬álife has not stopped in these areas. Authorities of the fake republics put the most efforts to simulate the state with all its attributes. Facts of birth, death, inheritance, registration and dissolution of marriage are attended with documentation and stamping of the unrecognized republics. It is clear that all these “documents” have no force or effect on the territory of Ukraine, as issued by authorities which do not exist in fact. Records about any legal events that occur in the uncontrolled areas shall not be entered into the state registers of Ukraine, and therefore de jure they do not occur. READ MORE

How to verify the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation

Russian internal passportFraudulent checking the Russian passport is performed not only by law enforcement officers, but by the people being rather far from such activity. Well, for example – a simple and common situation: you want to rent or to rent out an apartment, or even an accommodation. Or you are going to lend a large sum to one honest man vouched by your good friend who “knows him for a hundred years”. In any case, it is highly desirable to know whom you are dealing with – with criminals or with normal people. So, how can you check the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation? READ MORE

Deception with expedite issue of Ukrainian passports

get ukrainian passport fast service
The document service “Ready” throws people for money

The document service “Gotovo” (Ready) deceives its customers by offering the service of the super fast processing of documents – paying for the super fast processing of any document a client receives an expedite version of the processing, but at the triple price.

Not so long ago the network of the document services “Gotovo” has begun to work in Ukraine, which regularly opens new offices in the big cities.

“Gotovo” offers a number of services in the processing of documents, as well as issuing a number of certificates and even passports. And most importantly, according to officials, that is possible to receive all the documents transparently and fast. READ MORE

Dissolute Kyiv: how the sex industry is organized in the capital

sex industry kyivThe prostitution market in Kiev and its owners easily live through changes of power, revolutions, attempts of the European integration and next large-scale programs in fighting against crime and corruption.

And this touchy subject with multimillion-income is very carefully bypassed by officials and politicians who choose simply to ignore it.

Meanwhile, only one public house, there are about 200 pieces in Kiev, consistently brings hundreds of thousands dollars of revenue.

Whereby, people, who are behind the illegal houses of prostitution, have the unique ability to “negotiate”. Due to which, they do not only continue to run their business, but also to open new “legal” institutions for adults around the city.
We will talk about what is the market of “body traders” inside the capital. READ MORE