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Gnatuk Olena, fake Ukrainian passport. Dating scam from Kiev

her name was: Elena, ID: 3616181 on dream singles. email:

Iryna Koganova. Dating scam from Ukraine. Fake passport

Her full name is: Iryna Koganova Birth Date: 02 / 08 / 1988

Kasianenko Liliia. Dating scam from Ukraine

Our company keep posting information about dating scam from Ukraine to alert potential victims. This time it’s Liliia Kasianenko from Alchevsk. Full name: Kasianenko Liliia Address: Ukraine, Alchevsk, Chapaeva Street 128, zipcode 94200 Information from the victim: The perfidious thing is that, unlike other scammers, she is very empathetic and very responsive to details in the […]