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Identify a person by picture

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Safe travel to Ukraine

If you are concerned about your safety while being in Ukraine, it would be reasonable to have someone who can help you with communications, transport, and security issues.


Is it required to change a Ukrainian passport after changing a surname?

What important Ukrainian documents are subject to change after changing a surname? What threats does the untimely change of the documents bear? By tradition of the soviet times many women in Ukraine change still their surname after getting marriage. But hardly anybody thinks about spending time and money for putting documents in order. While, there […]

People with Ukrainian passports and “a non-Slavic appearance” are detained in the Crimea

At least five people were arrested on Thursday in the market “Pryvos” in Simferopol in the occupied Crimea.

The SSU liquidated production of false passports in Kyiv

The Security Service of Ukraine covered illegal activities of an organized criminal group in Kiev. Law breakers for certain payment forged passports and other documents which enabled unhindered crossing the border of Ukraine. The press centre of the Security Service of Ukraine informed about searches having been made simultaneously in six houses of the law […]