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Business next door to fraud. How Ukrainian marriage agencies deceive foreigners into parting with money (INVESTIGATION)

All girls dream of a prince, but not all of them stop searching for him with age. An entire industry with a complex system of relationships and outstanding cash flow has managed to grow up on women’s desire to find their “foreign princes”. Ukrainian girls look for relationships with foreigners for various reasons. Someone wants […]

How Ukrainian women make money corresponding with American men on dating sites

Ukrainian women actively flirt with foreigners on dating sites. “Miss, you have a beautiful appearance. I propose to make profit of that charting in English with foreigners on international dating sites. No intimacy, just harmless flirting. Earnings are high, hundreds of dollars. Are you interested in? ” Pretty young Ukrainian girls regularly receive such messages […]

Love for a million dollars. How “dating agencies” deceive foreigners falling in love with Ukrainian women

Swindlers under false names contact with foreigners desiring to get married to Ukrainian girls. Journalists exposed a scheme under which so called “marriage swindlers» made out millions of the trustful foreigners wishing to meet with Ukrainian girls.