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Identify a person by picture

You don’t know much about her, but she sent you some pictures. According to the pictures which she sent, we can identify this lady.

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Safe travel to Ukraine

If you are concerned about your safety while being in Ukraine, it would be reasonable to have someone who can help you with communications, transport, and security issues.


Requirements for the Personal Photograph of the Foreign Passport of the Russian Federation

Russian passport photos. How should they look like Want to know how does a real Russian passport photos look like? Here are the official Requirements for the Personal Photograph of the Foreign Passport of the Russian Federation: The photograph of the Foreign Russian Passport must be taken within the last 6 months. It must be […]

Security Elements of the Passport of the Citizen of the Russian Federation

The passport blank of the citizen of the Russian Federation has the following security elements, recognized by special devices: Paper Security Elements A regular 3-tone watermark, by means of letters “RF”, over the whole page, which is visible with the help of ultraviolet devices. Three types of security fibers: in normal daylight they are red / […]

Love scammers in Ukraine

Love – it’s a feeling that you want to each person, so people are looking for a soul mate. Such concepts were before, people today have less give this matter, and has an affair, despite the feelings. Many Slavic girls forgot about propriety and there love scammers in Ukraine. Russian women looking for a husband […]